I’m actually in nesting mode

My cupboards are lined and Ben is putting the kitchen together in a sensible way, Baking stuff here, cutting boards there. I need to go to the barn and find my two bar chairs for the kitchen island. Bought a runner and two place mats in claret;along with some kitchen linens in claret and a soft mat to stand in front of the sink (no dishwasher-better for my hands).

Found the fabric for the kitchen window—it is a red toile with berries, birds and butterflies on it. I need six yards for the cloud curtain I’m making. The top will be smoked (it’s a special tape and not that hard) then i sew several rows of tape and rings down it and tie it all up. I think I’m finishing the bottom with a red twisted braid and a pleated ruffle. I think it will be quite pretty,

WalMart still doesn’t have my rods in, so it is back there to get the hooks for the ladder and the tension grips for the broom and mop. Also on the list are some of those pop lights for dark corners and a ice tea dispenser that has a piece in the bottom for the ice and a spigot for the drink.

So major furniture moving is going to be done–trunks in Lisi’s room, a rug and a chair in the guest bath, a rug down the entire length of the mezzanine…oh, we’ll be busy tomorrow!

And I do have photos—I just have to find the gidget to hook my camera to my computer and post them. (Only interesting to me, really. Photos of piles of belongings aren’t much to look at!)

I’m dragging all the pictures out from beneath their quilts and deciding where they go. I already know,except for a few of them. The Audubon goes over the architect’s desk. The Ewing’s go over the chair in the lobby. The ones I had in my downstairs go into the guest bath.,,,,,,,and the one of the guy having sex with a scarf? YARDSALE! The boy having sex with a fish? YARDSALE!


3 thoughts on “I’m actually in nesting mode

  1. rofl at your last paragraph! You are BUSYYYYYYYYYY. Wonder when you will be able to say, “I’m DONE?”

    Since it has been and will continue raining here, I started my spring cleaning.
    Something to lift your spirits:
    Lilybug and PopPop (hubby) are eating TOY STORY mac and cheese and honeydew melon for lunch and she says, “PopPop you make my heart feel joyful.” Talk about melt your heart………I got tears in my eyes when I heard it.
    Asked DIL where would Lilybug get that? She said, when my son tucks each girl into bed and hears their prayers he says that to each one, one at a time. I guess hubby and I did something right in our lives. *in puddles here*
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Those last two pieces are really valuable,to a certain part of the population.I just don’t care for them. Uncle Joe had quiet an election of erotica and these two were his favorites. It’s not so much as I’m selling them in a yard sale but Sotheby’s are selling them. I don’t find the LEAST bit appeal of either piece!

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