Master Bath….it is so lovely, it makes me giddy

I actually have three of these to go over the big jacuzzi tub, because I just love Waterhouse. The other one is water themed, as well.
The bathroom itself is a very pale celadon, with tiny balck and white tiles. Huge shower. Giant jacuzzi tub (another steal ‘n deal. Some rich people ordered this fantastic tub for their new home and then it “fell out of escrow”–they ran out of money. The plumber was stuck with this giant tub, which was exactly what I wanted for my bath. So we got it for a song…and since I can;t carry a tune, it was less than two digits. Deals abound if you have an open mind and cash.)

The cabinets are all from a tear down (another bunch of rich people. She didn’t like her old cabinetry, so we tore it out built all new, all custom stuff. When it was finished, she hated it and wanted all black marble, so we tore out all the custom cabinetry. We always do the dump run and pick out what looks like something we would want…which is exactly what we did.

So the cabinetry I have in this bathroom is something so wonderful I could never afford it. And that makes me happy. There is tons of storage and even room for a bidet…although that will wait until I can afford a sink, toilet AND bidet brand new and in the same color. What I have now is not even near my very last choice–they are sort of cranberry colored and I hate them. But since the sink and toilet were $5 at a yard sale, I can find it in my heart to not mind them over much. (But the instant my husband dies? I’m getting new ones!)

So over the tub are three HUGE Waterhouse prints in extravagant frames (I would die before I told you how much the framing was. Like the dental work I had done on Rocket, it is a fiscal secret I will keep to my death..)
One the floor, I have a gorgeous pastel oriental rug, along with a wing chair (it is hideous now, but wait until I re-cover it) my mother’s green damask chair. It is one of those chairs which has been sat upon about 20 times in the last 50 years. I don’t want anyone sitting in it. It is just for looks.

The new “in” thing is to make your master bath a center of refuge….with a chair, luxe carpet, fluffy towels and a myriad of both candles and lotions, soaps and natural sea sponges. Check, check and check. The framed Waterhouse pictures take it right over the top.

I might have mentioned that nesting is my favorite part of all this. We were under construction for 15 years–all cash, so it is all paid for. There is a hymn I am particularly found of and the line that lifts my heart is “then sings my soul”.
That is exactly what I feel like. My soul is lifted and singing with all of this nesting.

Now, just to keep that black dog of depression at bay. I have sunshine, fresh air and a lot of light. I think I’m good for at least until the next bout of foggy weather. Those of you who never have the black dog of depression as a constant companion, thank your lucky stars. He makes you old long before your time and puts crazy ideas in your head. The kinds of ideas that are permanent solutions to temporary problems and makes you afraid all damn day and terrified at night.

Thank God for the light!


4 thoughts on “Master Bath….it is so lovely, it makes me giddy

  1. Here the big black dog makes me laugh, loves me with no reservations and tries to share my lap. but I walk the edge of a huge black pit more than I am willing to admit at times. and I am also solar powered and need open spaces and light and colors that calm or liven me up.
    And the first of my daffies are breaking ground, I can believe in spring coming in time…

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