Things I know for sure about knitting

1. Check your needles with a metal sizer. All 6’s are not the same.
2. Look at the schematic when you read the pattern. It is not impossible for a mistake to be made.
3. Check your yarn. Is it all from the same dye lot? Staple it somewhere you can find it.
4. Did you make a swatch? A big one? Did you wash it? Are you still happy?
5. Did you buy enough? Where did you put it?

I’m not much of a stasher. I usually have three projects going on but right now, I’m lucky to find two matching shoes on a daily basis. I ordered  a little bit of some a big box of super luxe yarn- just enough for two sweaters. The yarn is spectacular and cost…well, that is yet another fiscal secret I am taking to the grave. WHAT was I thinking? Oh, I know. I do all my own cooking, cleaning and laundry. I do my own nails. And since I didn’t get a gold watch on retirement (at the prison, if you leave ALIVE, that is enough of a gift), this is my retirement present to myself.

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