Another really good idea

I love my dogs. They love to sleep in the sunshine.

I don’t want them on my furniture. (I used snap traps and spray bottles to train them. Better than me A) having a stroke or B) beating them).

BUT I found two  hideous god awful ugly perfectly cheap fine bean bag chairs with  zip off covers. I’m going to recover them and voila! One big dog pillow. One in the bedroom and one in the library. They sleep in a pile anyway. Unless Rocket isn’t in the mood to share the sunshine. I’m serious. If she’s on the veranda in the sun? NO OTHER DOGS ALLOWED. Rocket weighs 2 pounds.She has torn up ears, lips and noses to get her point across.

The pillows they use now are in the washer and will be utilized in some manner, henceforth. (That means I have no idea but can’t toss them because as soon as I do, I’ll think of something and not want to stand in line at WalMart).



3 thoughts on “Another really good idea

  1. I use aluminum foil on the furniture but it does look hedious and they have to be removed each time before I answer the front door. BUT it works for me! LOL

  2. We are worried; you haven’t posted on the Golden Apples board lately. When you have a moment, let us know how you’re doing.

  3. I kind of like the don’t mess with me sound of the snap; traps. Saw it on Drew Carey one night. Blindfolded, barefoot walking across the stage. It was hysterical. I think my dogs are smarter that that bunch!

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