My dogs are crack heads

I have three.
Tank is a Rott-Chihuahua mix. He weighs about 80 pounds and is so funny and gentle and worries. He is devoted to me and follows me around all day long. At night, he sleeps on the landing so he can keep track of…well, anything. He likes to take Jack’s toys, let Jack get them from him and then come over to me for undisturbed attention.

Jack is a Cocker-Terrier mix. He’s pretty smart and can play with his toys…kicking and tossing them around. He is the most vocal dog I’ve ever had…if he could talk, he’d be the kindergarten tattle-tale.

Rocket is a Maltese who weighs 2 pounds. She’s about the size of a telephone receiver. She is also the top dog. She doesn’t like the dry food I feed the other two, but she’ll lay down in front of the bowl and growl at them. She also likes to hide under the quilt so she can whirl out like a TawKwon Do Tasmanian Devil and go crazy on them.

Last night, I browned some meat to freeze and use later. I scraped out the left over browning stuff in a flat plate. Rocket usually doesn’t like leftovers (too many vegetables I think) but she loved this stuff so much that she planted her little feet in the middle of the plate and when Jack ambled over, she tore into him. Then Tank thought he could share with her. I thought she was going to tear his lip off.

I have a glass jar full of doggie treats. Tank spends every minute of every day watching me, so no matter how sneaky I am trying to get a treat out, he trots over.

But the thing that gets their undivided attention?
Hot dogs.

It must be just like crack for them because once they figured out that I kept that stuff in the fridge, they spend an inordinate amount of time staring at the fridge.

If I get one out, they are almost like trained circus horses, the way they will wheel around me, eyes on the crack hot dog. I have never been the total center of attention for anything in my life. They watch me chew. They don’t even blink. It is unnerving.

2 thoughts on “My dogs are crack heads

  1. WE allow our JRT to lick the meat pan or pot before they enter the dishwasher. She lets us know when we haven’t given her it. She also knows when the pots/pans don’t come out (we’ve ordered out), not to beg for one. Smart, smart dog here too! LOL

  2. LOL, here it’s 3 parrots and Kid that know the sound/smell of some foods and there is NO peace until I share, at least with the birds…Kid does not often get human food but he sure tries.
    Kid love the guy I am dating and wants to go home with him, or just riding around in his truck and be Truck dog. The birds know he’s after Their Mommy and want to attack, he hugs me tight in the kitchen and laughs when they go ballistic. They are all male, man, dog and birds and all better respect that I am the real boss here.

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