I’m in the market for a handbag organizer

I’ve downsized my handbags from the REALLY BIG ONES I used to carry into work.

I’m looking for a mid sized, tote-ish leather bag and of course, there is no way I will ever find an organizer to suit me, so I’ll

have to make one myself.  I need a couple of slender pockets for pens, a couple of pockets for lipstick and mascara, a pocket for business cards….I’ll monkey around with a prototype before I commit to digging out my sewing machine.  My idea is for this to be just a recangle of fabric that will drop into my handbag, leaving room for my planner and wallet in the middle. I hate digging into a dirty bottomless pit, looking for a pen.

I’ve looked at the ones on the Net and none of them are quite right. So off I go, figuring out what I need and how to make it work.  I’m thinking of some cute, bright batick fabric from my quilt stash. (I don’t quilt, but I do like to make up hot pads or placemats. Sometimes I’ll hem  the edges of a square and put that in a basket for a little gift.



2 thoughts on “I’m in the market for a handbag organizer

  1. I love this thing and I am sure with your wit and wisdom you could make a cloth version of it. It holds my credit cards and allows a picture ID in front, the back holds my paper money, a few coins or lipstick. I rarely keep coins in it nowadays perferring to put my change in my change jar at home. This plus a purchased organizer I bought moves everything all at once from purse to purse.

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