My To-Do List

I have a king sized bed with a huge headboard with giant columns. So this morning, I went out furniture shopping with Lisi. Tried out six beds, picked out “this one”, paid for it and it will be delivered next week. That was at the furniture store across the street from my hotel.

Then we went to the furniture across the block, on what is our main street. I’m looking for two leather chairs for Darling.                          Look, look, look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sit, sit, sit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Evidently, I am “too petite”, which is French for too darn short to get the recliners to work. If I can manage to get them laid out, I can’t manage to get them back together and me in a sitting position, without flailing around like a speared fish. Before I lost weight, I was just tiny and fat, like a chubby cupcake.

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Now I’m, just plain little.

So I narrowed my choices down to six different chairs. I’ll take Darling in next week to try them out and order them. I like the ones that are sort of chestnut glazed leather. My fabric should be in by then, so I can eyeball  which one looks the best.

The upholsterer who works at this particular shop was working, so I went back and picked his brain.  I’m pretty confident I can do this. He said he’d come over and check my 8-way tying and make sure I have every thing winched in tight. I have a special set of tools for this–they all look like something out of the Spanish Inquisition. Maybe when the Inquisition fell from favor, they had all these whackadoodle tools lying around and somebody thought “Hey! I could use this on a chair! This would fix that saggy- bottomed couch!”

I am still in search of fabric for my bedroom. (Sage green carpet, pale pink walls and rose on the ceiling). I’m thinking of  something beautifully-over -the -top -floral- rose- peonies-ish for the windows, which will probably also be what I use in the sewing room.

Once I find a solid I like enough to  fabric and take it down to the quilting lady. She has this big, long arm machine that will do all over squiggly quilting. So I’ll baste it to some thin batting, with what is called the fashion fabric on both sides, so it is reversible. I’ll baste the fashion fabric to the backing and batting for the pillow shams. Then I’ll have a quilted comforter, pillow shams that are squiggle quilted, then I’ll be able to make more pillow shams sans quilting. Then I can do some throw pillows with the drapery fabric and comforter fabric together. The spread I just have the right fabric to go with my curtains, which I haven’t found yet, either. It sound like a lot of messing about, but it is all straight showing and if I have a t-square, I’m good. The hardest part is finding the fabrics….and if I’m too picky, I’ll have to go to a storefront in Fresno, which is more expensive. If I’m LUCKY, I can find it all on ebay at a fraction of the price.

I went to high school with a gal who is every bit as handy with a needle as I am. She’s been in her house for oh, 13 years, waiting for window coverings and I don;t want to wait that long. Granted, she and I both live where there are no people, so the only peepers would be peeper frogs or cats wanting in the house.  It took us 15 years to restore the hotel because we didn’t cheap out on a single detail. I want to have nice windows coverings up in a timely manner. So just like with the rest of my life, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and drawing a line thru every iten on my to-do list.

The furniture store I was at, using bedding from A Touch Of Class, so I was able to see what that stuff looked like in real life. (I will totally have to do custom bedding3>)

2 thoughts on “My To-Do List

  1. I am so glad you have the $ to do it the way you would like it. Just once I would love to have had it “my way.” I guess I wasn’t very forceful with my wishes and now, into my 60’s I settle with status quo. Kind of makes me feel sad and yet, I have never wanted for anything……….and I thank God for that, but it’s funny the directions our lives take when we least expect it, heh? I am thankful for good health, my grands, roof over my head, food in the frig and bills all paid though so can’t complain a bit.
    Now you go get everything your little heart desires. You deserve it.

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