Spent the entire day in a doctor’s office of one kind or another

Mike has to get clearance from this cardiologist for surgery to reverse his ostomy….and I guess I looked so bedraggled that we’re getting in on Thursday for the six hour test. He is hooked up to some kind of monitor now…will return it Thursday because we live so far out of town (26 miles). Despite having lived in LA and navigated the freeways and surface streets for years, I rarely go to Fresno and I think the traffic there is terrible. The drivers are either on something, hiding something or mad about something.

I liked this doctor–it helped that he is a scuba diver and we started off chatting about that  How did I know? His screen saver was a dive place we’ve been to. His receptionist has a photo of a place we’ve gone diving..white sugar sand beaches, gorgeous turquoise waters….and we chatted about that, as well. As my Da always said, my one talent is chatting people up. I could talk to a calico cat.

I had to see my rotator cuff doctor—seriously, he is one fine dresser–and I told him, somewhat crankily, that I remember specifically asking for a buff, firefighter’s shoulder! What I have won’t life the cover on the hot tub and when I went out to the range, I had to have Mike prop and lock my arm up.  I was sitting on the little table, legs crossed (thank you, 35 years of yoga) and he said that for sure, my hips were going to last forever if I was this flexible at my age. Pffft. At my age, my ass.

We did get to stop at Barnes and Noble and I snagged a copy of Piecework (friend Marji turned me on to this publication) and a copy of Sew Beautiful. Score two for me!  My husband is what we call in the business “a reluctant reader”, so I usually pass along anything good I’ve read to him. So today, I picked up a copy of  White’s The Once and Future King and Crichton’s Jurassic Park. Ben read Jurassic Park when he was 8 and told me that “this is why people learn to read!” He was right then and I think these are two good books for Mike to read while he is in hospital in hopefully, two weeks. He’ll probably stay in the ICU for a week and then be in a regular room for a week.

I am, of course, trying to finish up all projects so I can have something new to start. When I started in labour with my son, I thought that MAYBE I’d manage to get a wee sock made. Hell, I got his socks, his bonnet, a sweater and a little saque made before that child saw the light of day. I also read a book and watched Ghandi.  With Lisi, I made a little saque with a ruffle at the bottom and the cuffs and an extravagant little ruffled bonnet, which she wore home, looking like a little rosebud.  And that was the end of my childbearing.

I have two sweaters to seam up and then I’m starting on something else. Not quite sure what….but it will be red and it will be done on Signature needles  (they are so very pointy!!), with a little whack twirl at their ends. I do like them. I like bamboo ones a lot and some of my old hand turned wooden ones.  I have several pair of whalebone ones and they just taste funny—I am always sticking my needles in my mouth when I am trying to puzzle something out. With all of the germs out there, you’d think I would at least give it a thought….but not so far!

I have nothing but business meetings tomorrow and then it’s off to my friend Gwen’s!  I don’t remember the last time I had the luxury of leaving the house to just run off and have some fun! I am SO looking forward to this!


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