I do not like Fresno one little bit

You can’t be looking at the crazycakes drivers, for one.

They are all either high, wanting to get high, have something to sell to get you high or are looking to just plain shoot you. Never in my life have I seen so many unhappy drivers with cranked up faces.

In LA, it seems to me that many of the drivers are  smoking some product or snorting a line or just randomly shooting at you…San Francisco is filled with civil drivers, even in the Tenderloin.  Shoot, I have driven all over the place and never wanted to get out of it as much as I did Fresno today. I guess I would be all cranky faced if I had to face that traffic every day of my life.

Mike was at the cardiologist’s for seven hours, having this that and the other thing done to him. He has to get cleared so he can have the colostomy reversed–being so ill has just beaten him down.

I think women handle the kind of off-handed callousness better than men do. There’s not much left that can be done to us once we’ve had a baby and found that we are not in control of anything on the planet. All our birthing plans? Out the window. Letting the baby learn to sleep on his own? I would do anything to stop the shrieking. All the sidelong looks I gave to mothers at the supermarket? Suffice to say, I found myself in their shoes.

Men learn to be men in a different way than the way women learn how to be women.

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