Back on the grid

I’ve been totally of the grid: no phone, no tv, no internet.
I just got internet this week….right after I put the tv remote in the washer…so another visit from the cable guy who thinks I am a little
bit dim as it is.

I thought it would be easy; the building has been here since 1890 and has city utilities and electricity, but getting hooked up was a massive project. The tv guys came twice with miles of cable and were in the attic, up on the roof and in the basement. Then the internet guys—miles of cable, up in the attic, on the roof and in the basement. Then the telephone guys….miles of cable, up in the attic and on the roof and in the basement.

I hung pictures today and washed my bed (which is how the remote ended up in the washer). Little by little, it is looking more like my home and not some gigantic empty space.

I still need to go downstairs and pick out some things that go upstairs and go over to the storage barn and pick out some things that need to come over here—like the barstools and my little china hutch. I have too many chairs, so the mahogany ones need to go into storage. I want to get my loveseat from the house at the beach (it is a sleeper), have it recovered and then brought here. I bought the fabric when I got the fabric for the drapes…which I haven’t gotten to yet because I haven’t been in the sewing room at all.

We live right across the street from a dive-y, Roadhouse bar..OMGosh! Fights everynight and sometimes the cops come!!! I have a pair of binoculars so I can watch. Tonight  is karaoke night…and I put the windows up so I can hear them saranade me. There is a house band on Friday and Saturday nights, so I don’t even have to go to listen to live music.

The dogs and I go out four times a day and I am quit liking strolling the streets and window shopping. Found a lamp I just love…for $498! ON SALE! What can I say? I have exquisite taste.

There is a really great pizza place down the block with all kinds of odd pizzas, so I am working my way down the menu. When Girlie comes over on Monday nights, that’s where we get dinner. (She comes to town to sponsor a Youth in Government group with the YMCA). She comes over every Sunday so we can go shopping, have lunch, get our toes done….I love spending time with her.

So I am not hip deep in boxes anymore…just knee deep now.
I just didn’t think it would take so long to get re-connected with the world.

UPS and the mailman both told me my address did not exist. Oddly, both the city utilities and the power company can find me…so I had to put out a big sign for deliveries.
They still drop stuff off at the cleaner’s or the bridal shop but it is laziness on their part…wouldn’t you think to at least look at the
address on the door between 113 and 117?

But I guess that’s not on the test!

3 thoughts on “Back on the grid

  1. I have photos, but the cable from the camera to the computer is in a box. Somewhere.
    I labeled it, so it will turn up.

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