Where Did May Go?

Mike had back surgery ( a success! I don’t hate his doctor anymore). He has two more spinal surgeries scheduled and then he will get his colostomy reversed (yippee!) as well as the massive ventral hernia fixed. As happy as I ham, this is a big deal and not without problems but I’m ignoring those. He has been thru hell this year.

The good part if that work is picking up and I am perfectly capable of running things, as well as picking out renters and so that section of our investment is working out. We had some bad pickings there for a while—slow pay, no pay, squatters, meth and crack heads and worse than THAT. It’s the truly bad parents that just warp children for life. There are plenty of evil people wandering around that make anything on television on TV look like a kiddie ride.

The house is coming along…I bought some gorgeous old gold, ivory, champagne damask for drapes in the living room. It is exquisite. I’m hand basting the pattern together and will match the pattern. Of course, I’ll line it with quite batting (the light kind) and then line it before putting goblet heading—very pretty. It will be nice and dark and make it easy to keep the setting sun from putting our eyes out! I’ll put lace sheers and that will make it very pretty and delicate. I need some pretty tall lamps…not stained glass but something pretty and bright. Ott lights are so unforgivably ugly but I need the light.

I bought some gorgeous velvet in soft gold, with pretty baskets in soft rose. I have enough that I can put golden piping and then dark brown fat piping for the hem…the kind that is gathered and luxe.This will go on the fainting couch, where I like to do my needlework. I want a couple of silk velvet pillows with pretty tassels in pretty colors–you know, the silk. The fainting couch is one we got out of a comfort room in Chinatown.

I have a wing chair, too, that I want to redo in a faded pomegranate with Turkish ottoman.  Of course, I want some lovely silk drapes with those tassels….my plan is that there will be a number of  patterns…it will be juat be just beautiful and lavish and lavish,

My guest room, which is the front room with a lovely guest bath will beuatiful.  My in-laws purchased a Louis XVI chair in yellow with pink roses–very feminine, The yellow is an exact match with the walls. Target has a lovely mataletsse spread with matching bolsters and pretty silk embroidered throw pillows. It is very spring-like and feminine…just perfect for Mom and Dad.

I truly love our little penthouse! I have the veranda to work on….and then the back bedroom for Ben. My plan for that is a Safari Room but since I have so much African stuff and stuffed heads. I just want it to be lovely and interesting.

I just hope that my vision pairs up with my ability. One thing is for sure, I’m going to learn a lot.


3 thoughts on “Where Did May Go?

  1. It sounds like everyone is adjusting and adapting to the new home, the walks sound nice, we need warmer weather so Kid and I can walk here, or Kid can run the trail and I can walk at my slow pace

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