Jury Duty

I love jury duty. I love meeting new people and weighing the evidence and feeling as if I am doing my civic duty.

I’ve done mainly murder and assault cases  and found that the building of a case is like building a brick wall. Because of my work, I know for a fact that it is darn hard to actually come up to a jury trial. There are a million ways to cop a plea, plus the courts are pretty lenient during a criminal’s long career. In my experience, every inmate has yards and yards of crimes committed for which they pled out, were dropped or simply were told to play nice and not do it again.

So here I am, waiting to be called for a jury sitting on a witness tampering/rape case. The alleged perv wasn’t satisfied to scare this girl to death by threatening her family. He allegedly raped her multiple times.

I have no problem with killers. They do it and it’s done. Rapists, however, kill the soul of the raped and then soil the family, the future children, poison relationships….they are the worst of the worst in my opinion. And for a guy to get to the chosing a jury point…well, the alllegedly portion is heavy on proof.

So I’m watching this smirking perv and I swear, i can see the perv waves radiating off him, like heat waves. I keep telling myself that I don;t know enough to have such a gut reacation, but having worked with thousands of pervs and having read thousands of C-files about their lives of crime, Slick just made my stomach hurt.

They went thru 200 people before they had a jury empaneled. There were only ten of us left and I have never been so happy to not hear my name called.

I just don’t think I could have been what they were looking for.


One thought on “Jury Duty

  1. I served only once and it was a car accident. I was the only one holding out to NOT pay the people who faked injuries after the fender bender. But I enjoyed it.

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