I have all the time in the world, now that I’m retired

Well, I don’t know how to add a link anymore…maybe tomorrow.

I find that I spend a lot of time with the dogs or in the kitchen, messing about. I like to get a couple of meals together so that when it is mealtime,
I am not trapped in the kitchen. I can get the salad together in the time it takes to heat a meal up. I try to cook healthy meals for Mike, but I am so picky that I can never tell what is going to taste good to me or whether anything is going to taste good at all. Not a problem most of the world has.

Tomorrow, I have to go to the market and then make out my list of floss for my next three cross stitch projects. You’d think I would have ALL the colors in the world, but obviously not.

I changed my mind about my bedspread….I’m putting the tapestry in the middle of the bed and on the sides, with a plain color to make up the 1/3 on each side that the tapestry doesn’t cover. Probably use a couple of colors for the piping and then will have enough to make some decorative pillows. The drapes can then be one of the plain colors. It is hard, in a town with no fabric store, to drag fabric around until I find what I want. I know what it should look like in my head…..so at least I’m not just wondering around with no idea in my head.

I’m hoping that Mike will be in the hospital just long enough for me to do a little shopping but not long enough for the dogs to forget him. He’ll be an hour away, so I won’t be spending the days with him like I did when he got sick in September. I was at the ICU all day long. I’d go home for a little bit and then go back after visiting hours and stay with him until 1 or 2 am. Goodness, life gets complicated when you get sick. Today, he had a little surgery and I realized that I didn’t have the “luxury” of having a headache. Oh, I had one, I just sucked it up. I was the only driver. What worked? A hot bath and ice packs. I had never realized that my ears get all plugged up with my headaches.

He is home now….can’t life anything heavier than a book, so he is just a little bored. He has polishing and framing projects, but I know he is tired of “make work” projects.

My daughter continues to look for works elsewhere—that is the joy of being so young. I really just liked looking for work—going someplace different for the interview. That’s what she does—high tails it up to San Francisco or Sonoma or San Diego and takes the test and does the interview. She gets a road trip and can spend the night somewhere, go shopping and have coffee somewhere else. When she was little, I’d do the same thing, just to get away.

2 thoughts on “I have all the time in the world, now that I’m retired

  1. Someplace different, I imagine. She is in a small town, grew up in a small town and like me, would like to try out a big city. Then she’ll get tired of all the traffic and then move back. She is young enough to start over several times before she settles down.

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