My life in lists

My friend, Davalyn sums it up perfectly right here

I have a list for the market. (Milk, butter, eggs…)
I have a “to do” list for the house (Hang pictures in bathroom, scrub floors, sweep staircase…)
I have projects to do at both of my sitting areas (cross stitch in front of the tv, knitting in the library)
I have things that always MUST be done (make bed, take dogs out for walk, laundry, put away dishes)
And I have a list for gifts…most of them handmade and therefor queued up. They get purchased or finished, boxed, labeled and wrapped.

So spontaneity is sort of on my short list. In many ways, teaching for almost 40 years sets a person (me) up for this kind of life. In school, life runs by the bells. There is a schedule (calendar, music, reading, recess, math, lunch, science on even days, social studies on odd days, recess, writing, review, homework and home). In prison, even more so (chow, yard, count). Growing up on a farm had it’s own set of year round and seasonal jobs to be done (Thanksgiving break–glean walnuts; Christmas break—run cattle; Easter break—cut brush; summer break–chop cotton, run cattle and set pipe). So this was bred into me.

But once I took working out of the equation, I have more time to think and to actually take pleasure in what I’m doing. What little housework I do can be regulated to that time after I take the dogs out in the morning. Face it, there is always something that needs to be done in and out of a house. I can fix meals and actually enjoy what I’m doing. I can live totally in my moments and as the saying goes, life is not measured by the number of breathes you take but by the moments that take your breathe away?

I really admire bloggers who devote so much time to their craft (knitting here and cross stitch here and here). The amount of work they do is mind boggling….and yet, they have the same demands on their time as I do.

One thing I hope I never have to list out is contact with my friends and family. My life is never so hectic that they get regulated to the bottom of the list or even worse, a round tuit (I need to call Pat…I’ll get around tuit one day). Because one day will be too late and then all I can do is be sad with myself that I didn’t take just a minute to call, write, walk across the street….

So that’s my goal this summer. I want to totally be in the moment at hand. Enjoy what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.

Oh, I’ll still hang onto my lists….because they give a shape to my day. NOT because they give a shape to ME.


One thought on “My life in lists

  1. For me it’s buckets, LOL, small plastic buckets hand wipes come in where I work, bigger ones from wall primer, 5 gal ones from dry wall mud, it’s the bills in 1 at the kitchen table, it’s knitting and such scattered about the house, it’s garden tools or green beans coming in, I organize or clear clutter with plastic buckets…

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