Trivia for today

A gal I knew in high school would get SO IMPATIENT with me when I did this. I never mentioned that blogging for me is sort of a journal because she would take it so personally.

I look at blogging as a creative outlet. I can do as I please and today, it pleases me to write about this!

On the patio…I’m working on my 4th of July decorations. I put all the flags in the shower and washed them. When they have finished dripping, up they go. I have flocked vinyl bunting that needs a quick shower and then will be hung up on the newly placed cup hooks.

Hearing…the dogs find a comfortable spot to throw themselves on. Tank likes Rocket’s bed. Jack likes to frog on on the bathroom floor. Rocket likes to hide behind my sewing basket so she can keep an eye on the cookie jar!

I am thinking…about covering my magazine files. They are just plain white and are a little too medicinal for me. Need to raid my stash!

Creating this…Cross stitch pictures for the bathroom. I’m part-way done with the lily. I think I will frame them in white with a pink and rose double mat.

I am currently reading…Meg Gardiner’s The Liar’s Lullaby. I started out not liking it (it has a hard first couple of chapters) but I like the character Jo Beckett.

I am hoping…to get all of the bills in a tickler file. I think a ten day lead should work. My goal this year is to pay off everything. I just need to stay away from Target (shoes) and stay on my book diet for another year. I only live two blocks from the library, so that should be do-able!

On my mind…finishing my sewing room AND POSTING PHOTOS!

Noticing that…it is easier to listen to the TV (as background noise) if I’m doing something besides sitting in front of the television and thinking I’m going to get anything done.

Pondering these words…
“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”
From the kitchen…Stroganoff with sour cream (Mike is down to 166 pounds and needs to gain some of the weight he lost).

Around the house…Turning my master bath into a spa for me! Photos to follow

A few plans for the week… Working on my false eyelash mojo. My favorite lashes are the demi Whispies or the individual lashes.

One of my favorite things…Sitting on the veranda with a glass of sweet ice tea, watching the cars go by


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