I think maybe I’ve found my center

Well, for today.
I’m happy with myself.
I’m doing cross stitch, which for me it really my bliss. My projects are difficult enough to be challenging but not so hard I pitch them out the window. Unlike knitting, I can actually see progress happening!

My knitting is zipping along, since I have finally figured out how to HAPPILY design my own things. Not only am I making the fabric and the garment at the same time; I’ve figured out what I like my sweaters to look like. I do Estonian lace knitting, but it is slow going because the lace weight is tiny and time consuming.

I’ve started fiddling with natural fragrances as I decorate my giant spa bathroom to be exactly what I envision. No hurry. I’m taking it one day at a time.

Little by little, I’m finding metal and terra cotta planters to my veranda garden, along with porch swings and wooden rocking chairs. I’m slowing down, so what I buy are things I really love looking at.

I’m content and looking at the last long bit of my past, it is a pretty good feeling!


4 thoughts on “I think maybe I’ve found my center

  1. slowing down
    at peace with my life
    all sound so good
    retirement is wonderful
    I only wish I had my OWN life back a bit.
    How is Mike doing after all the surgeries?
    How are you feeling?
    Sounds like you are very content….a nice place to be!
    love you,

  2. This sounds great, you are really settling in to the new place and into your life there, hope to see some photos of the place now that you are settled in

  3. Mike stopped screaming?
    Glad to hear you are finding your centre (UK spelling…).
    Hope everything goes right on improving.

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