I’ve been hard at work with my architect program and I think I’ve got it!

My bedroom is three hotel rooms put together (this place was a whore house and little rooms abound). The bathroom is a room and a half and then one big room got turned into a closet and sewing room.

We’ve been here six months and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I know the furniture wants to live.

The big giant kind sized bed goes into the corner, so the first thing you see when you walk into the door is the lavish bed  with one BIG round night stand and one mahogany dresser on the other side. Camel back truck at the foot of the bed. Bedding and winter sweaters that are taking up valuable space in my linen closet will drop right down behind the headboard, with won’t be a true 45 degree angle. It will be a shallower angle so I have more space on either side to get in and out of this very tall bed.

I found some pretty pink and flowered fabric, with several pieces of companion pieces for curtains, swags, pillows (I love pillows). Lace sheers. Rose printed bedskirt. Ruffled curtains with both an insulating interlining and plain lining so I can get a little darkness in here but not as dark as in inside of a sack. I’m still looking for fern green wingback chairs because I like them and they look nice in the sitting room. A freind of mine once had the most lovely guest room–green and white. The bedding was green and white ferns and the wallpaper was the reverse and it was just so charming. She had a real gift with fabric and wallpaper. Probably still does.


Then the sitting room will have 7 extra feet for…well…the sitting room. I’ll be happier because the way this room is arranged, it looks like a Victorian lady’s suite.

It takes a year of living in a place before you can really see how you live in a house. Until then, it is almost a waste of time trying to mold it into your vision, since your vision doesn’t exist yet.

Then some lime green for the front guest room. It will look great with the yellow cherry blossom chair, The lime is less  Jefferson Airplane LLLLIIIIMMMMEEEE than a lot I’ve seen and it has a myriad of fabrics to put with it—plaids, stripes, spots and a paisley which isn’t all that hideous if used in very small bits….like skinny welts or anorexic trim.

That particular room doesn’t have a closet, so I need to get a double press and have it decoratively painted. No ivy. And while she’s at it, I need to drag out the bookcase and spray it some color I can stand.


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