Pat Robertson is no friend of the sanctity of marriage.

Pat Robertson is no friend of marriage. Maybe he lacks understanding of the depth and breadth one’s marriage vows encompass.

I wonder if his proclamation would have been the same if it were the wife who was seeking freedom from that pesky “in sickness and in health” part of the wedding vows. I get the feeling that the woman would be expected to tend to he husband until the bitter end. Her husband however has a right to his life and if that means he gets to dump her, so be it.

It infuriates me.  How many people will listen to this guy and believe he is a direct conduit to God?

My Aunt Fanny.

The easiest thing to do in the world is to skip out. To abandon those in need. To cut people out of our lives because they are simple too much work. We’ve all been there…at the giving and receiving ends.  Roberson’s “advice” is so much like the shallow advice people give people who find themselves with an elderly pet–put them down. What is their quality of life? Will they even know they are slipping away?

And besides that, there are lots of dogs and cats and we can always get another one.

Except for me, there is this little thing called making a promise. Call me old fashioned but I like to know that for me, my relationship with my spouse is so perfect, so close, so spiritual….how could I dispose of him when he became inconvenient? A problem?

I live in a world where people aren’t allowed to marry. Then when you find loving couples who have that right and they are counseled to divorce their inconvenient spouse when said spouse disrupts the healthy spouses life…something just doesn’t set right to me.

The concept o faithfulness is difficult to follow. You are either in it 100% or not. Why try to allow a easy out and just erase years of love, faithfulness and shopping.

Me? I’m in it for the long haul. When my husband was dreadfully ill last September and was literally on the edge of death, I didn’t think twice. THIS was they man I loved. This was the man I had pledged myself to him. I spent the better part of a month, sitting in his ICU room, knowing that everything might change.

And I didn’t care. I was with the man I love and I knew I was in it for the long haul.

He would do the same for me. My children need a model of what we do in a situation like this. They know how to make a promise and keep it.

That’s because I’ve taught them how our family acts. People are not expendable. They are beloved members and not easily tossed out because someone need to have their own life.

That’s just not the way God works in the long run.

I know it and I bet you a nickle that Pat Robertson knows it too.

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