Quiet Sunday and hospital tomorrow

Both kids are home; we did some cooking and baking and playing the the dogs. Took the red Oriental rug out of the bathroom and hosed/shampooed it to a fare-three-well on the veranda. The weather is warm enough that it should be dry tomorrow sometime. Later, we are sorting button to go on my button shelves in my sewing room. I am loving my sewing room. There is room for sewing, office stuff for the business and room for scrap booking. I was able to use one of the pull down shades from the old house and the curtains and valances form Lisi’s nursery. (I never toss anything out.)

Lisi had a yard sale out of her storage unit yesterday, with the plan being that everything big goes and everything that fits will go into the basement, so she doesn’t spent a fortune storing stuff. It’s not as if there are no couches available on the planet.

Shopped for a leather loveseat for the library…the kind with brass nailheads. I DO NOT like leather but it looks so handsome in the library. The walls are panted crime scene red, with a paisely patterned drape (I made them). I have another piece of chenille for throw pillows and dog pillows. I used the same pattern (not the paisley) for dog beds, to keep them off the furniture.

We found an over sized leather chair (called a chair and a half), but becuase of my hips, I need to  be able to move from one side to the other. A chair doesn’t  work for me. Behind the loveseat will be a game table and some pretty chairs, if one feels like playing games in a group, one can. In one corner is my grandmother’s Art Deco easy chair with super wide arms, so little children can sit on the arms and I can read to them.

I have photos of my sister of me and my Grandpa Lee sitting there; my sister and my newborn self with my day; my newborn daughter and her brother with my dad and then my pre-school kids with me, reading together. The cutest one is the two of them sitting upside down and reading to themselves. There is room at one end of the bookshelves for my two barber chairs to be sitting togeter with a newspaper rack between the two of them. It sounds crowded but it is a big room.

While Darling is having surgery tomorrow, I’m picking up the insulation lining for my bedroom curtains…it is so hard to find what I’m looking for! I already have the lining and will also probably need to pick up three more flat sheets and another twin spread, so I can cut it in half to make the valance. Sounds more complicated than it is. I think I will have enough fitted sheet fabric to be able make slipcovers for my wing chairs. Mike is not crazy about wing chairs, but I’m not crazy about leather, so there you have that. I’ll have two twin shpreds, cut in half, Three of the halves will be the valances and one half will go over the sleeping pillows. I have pillow with shams that go on top of that, so it looks  nice and fluffy and tidy.

It’s a little over- fluffy for Darling, but it’s what I want. Plus I don’t like leather. At all. Anywhere.

Darling thinks he will be peachy keen fine on Tuesday but since they are going slice his back up and stick in rods and God only knows what else, I highly doubt  it. He’ll be on his back for at least a week. At least it will give me time to get  my curtains finished.

Well, back to the button sorting. I have all of my mothers, my grandmother;s, my great grandmother’s, grandma Martha’s and Nona’s buttons, as well as all of my buttons. A LOT. They are in jars, sorted by color and they make me so happy. All my sewing stuff makes  me happy.


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