As Tia would say, “Oh. Please.”

I write what I think is just a little email and discover that one person on the planet, to whom it was not even addressed, takes umbrage at it and threatens me with a restraining order for of all things, wanting to attend a nightly knit along.

A gal in my local knitting group (Panera’s on Sunday) had mentioned this place and since I was going to be spending time in Fresno, maybe I’d like to go to the knit night the owner hosts. I looked up the shop on the Internet and in the Google world, found more than one mention of it. The very adult daughter of a woman I went to high school (HIGH SCHOOL!) works there part time. She really likes it, according to Google.

If you are a small business owner, from Jafra to Pampered Chef to a brick and mortar or online business, you know that a small business is as consuming as a newborn-forever.

People who work for someone else don’t understand this. They don’t get that one simple threat, having nothing to do with the business can literally make or break that bottom black line. It is so hard that I can’t even watch Kitchen: Impossible. It is just too hard to watch the struggle of buying, not selling/advertising/IRS-ing/licensing/gathering customers …all while raising children and sometimes working full time at a “real” job.

So I contacted the business owner and told her I would be in her town and wanted to go to her knit night. Mention the AC who works there. Tell her I’ve heard great things about her shop and product. She mentions my email to her to this AC, who I guess mentions it to her mother, who then plans to get a restraining order to keep me from going to said knit night.

So I straightened out this foolishness and will be skipping on my merry way, going to the knit nights any old time I feel like it. No reason for a perfectly good business to go belly up because a DPM wants to run a show she has no part in.

This is just part of small business ownership.

Several years ago, over on the Central Coast, some nut and his equally nutty lawyer decided that every restaurant needed handicapped bathrooms. Huge suits, which would bankrupt the eateries were filed. So now, the bathrooms, which were adequate now have the middle stall wall removed. Each bathroom has two toilets, and instead of having room for two patrons, have space for one. New buildings are built according to the new codes. Old buildings, built in the ’40’s, have been qualified and someone made buckets of money, all because someone who didn’t have a dog in the race decided to stir the waters.

When we started our last business, there was a cookaloey who was a self-styled ADA advocate. He didn’t work for any city, county or anyone else. He was rude for one. He’d come screaming into my shop, shouting about handicapped parking. He cruised around our little two-block town, going into other little shops and doing the same thing. Believe me, I don’t want to be shopping in a business where some nutcase coming in and screaming at me.

The city had already giving THE PROPERTY OWNERS a time frame and a certain space where they wanted the handicapped parking to be located.

It wasn’t where he wanted it to be. So here is this guy, with no power, belonging to no ADA group, raising caine. In a small town, you follow the directives of the city. Some lone ranger has no power. At the time, we were renting our space, so I wasn’t the person this guy should be yelling at but he was screaming so loudly, he couldn’t hear. (Literally.)

I gave him the contact information but he had decided that I was the one he could yell at, because I was there. If I wasn’t available, he’d yell at my employees. I’d/ she’d/he’d call the police because it is a little scary for some nutcase to be both screaming and waving his cane around.

When all was said and done, he sued the city because he didn’t like WHERE the parking place had been painted. It was too far from the center of our two block town. 99% of the time, the spot was empty. Once, a city truck was parked there doing I don’t know what and this guy called the police to get the city truck moved out….not because he wanted to park there; not because anyone else wanted to park there—just to raise caine. He was always crying wolf to the police and they paid appropriate attention to his complaints.

There are some people who are totally clueless about the law, the way things work, who to talk to and how to work with people. They get themselves worked up into a frenzy and all they do is get in the way of what they want to do—which might very well be a good thing. Just not the way they are dealing with it .

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