Sometimes, it is a smart idea to just delete what I had to say

I wish it worked that way in real life—just edit the sound track. People wouldn’t get mad over a chance comment. In fact, I think my biggest peeve is people who are just WAITING to be offended.

I call them DPM’s…Donner Party members. California students learned about this very sad historic tragedy (State history is usually taught in 4th grade.) The saddest part is that this story was repeated over and over during the great migration. If you’ve studied the migration stories, this kind of thing happened all the time. A group of people, with a total lack of skills, no knowledge of the trail west, no map, no idea of the weather or the lay of the land, bad advice,combined a total lack of skills, absolutely no knowledge about the trail west, leaders with no clue of how to lead a large group of wagons. People read an article in a newspaper and off they went. Another sad story is of the Martin Handcart Company. They didn’t even have WAGONS.)

Not enough food. Inadequate clothing. Overloaded wagons with pianos instead of plows, a lack of seeds and plant starts….well, as many mistakes that could be made were made. The groups had elderly people, infants, pregnant women….it was a miracle any party made the trip. In fact, most of the pregnant women died during labor and I’ve always thought that they were the lucky one. Over four hundred thousand people struggled West in search of a better life…it is estimated there is a grave for every one hundred and sixty-seven yards on the combined Mormon, Oregon, and California trails.

The Donner Party took all of the absolute worst bad chances times 22 feet of snow, terrible weather, not enough food or medicine, bad maps, people freezing to death and eventually being eaten plus family members left as the sole survivors who decided sleeping out in the snow was this best bet. (A little baby tooth was found iat the original site, along with human bones that missed the inevitable clean-up. Poor little things.)

I can just imagine the finger pointing and fighting that went along with this, as things got worse.

Human nature along with personalities who just want to be mad and mistreated. There doesn’t even have to be 22 feet of snow on the ground. Some people just thrive on being and staying angry.

I am surprised that the pioneers on the Western trek didn’t end up biting their tongues in half.

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