Manic Monday

Had to wait for the fog to lift to make a quick pre-op trip to Fresno. I drove, which happens so seldom that I KNOW Mike feels terrible. This is the fourth surgery he is having to put his insides back together. October last, his descending colon burst (probably a blood clot) and he had gangrene (yes, just like the Civil War), spending six weeks in the ICU. That was a really hard time for me.

So tomorrow, we go again and if all goes well, he should be back before the weekend. I’m planning on staying in his room (the food at this particular hospital is REALLY GOOD). I rarely go to Fresno during the holidays because there are so many people on the road, but I’m going to go to Sephora for some blush and silver/gray eyeshadow. (Merry Christmas to me). Tomorrow night, I’m going to a knit night for a couple of hours and then back to the hospital.

My friend Ling-Ling is driving the 99 to Elk Grove and I am hoping she can make a stop here on her way home. I know she’ll forgive the house in transition….I always thought I would be able to live in a construction zone but boy! was I wrong. It’s not the mess it was, but I am still moving stuff out of one room and into another; then back in and back out. The only rooms that are consistently clean are the kitchen and the bathrooms, only because nothing has to be moved around.

My basement floor isn’t finished yet, so everything from the basement is in my room. The cleaning closet has a big hole in the floor where the hot water heater was removed. (We didn’t have hot water for a week.) There’s a hold up on the cement for the underground basement—the cement guys have other jobs ahead of me. I’m still waiting for the insulation for the attic….it’s the story of the shoemakers children who have no shoes. The builders’ wife is always last on the list.

I am getting the last of the leather chairs for the library. They are the kind with the brass nail-heads and look very handsome in there. Now I just have four chairs to recover and the drapes to do and that room will be done. The dining room is just about finished. I just need to have the crystal cabinet moved upstairs and then eventually, a different china cabinet.

Knitting….in sitting room.I can do that in front of the television.  Cross stitch….in library. Less interuptions.

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