Rocket watches televison, too!

She likes to watch puppy clips on YouTube…and I have thought for a long time that she was really “watching” it. (And I think she needs a bee costume to wear…this is just overly cute)

All the little mannerisms I find so endearing in Rocket are typically Maltese. The prancing. The tail chasing. The mirror playing.

She has even “invented” a game that must be locked in Maltese DNA. She will “run” away and then look over her shoulder to see if you are coming after her. I think ,though, her favorite thing is when we ask her if she wants to fly, which sends her into a wiggling little bundle of joy. Flying is when we pick her up, hand under her belly and “fly” her around the room.It never fails to make her happy.

She’s not smart, but she is sure entertaining.




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