Thoughts on Black Friday and decorating BEFORE Christmas

Davalyn has nailed Black Friday for me. Bridget has the rules of Thanksgiving pretty clearly thought out.

I think it is odd that the1929 stock collapse in 1929 and subsequent Depression and the shopping frenzy that happens the literal minutes that is the Friday after Thanksgiving are both called Black Friday.

At our house, we try to purchase meaningful gifts for each other.

Lists are encouraged. Mind reading is discouraged.

I am always on the lookout for the perfect gift year round*,  which makes gift giving  immensely more satisfying than standing in line for 2 hours to buy something that isn’t worth two hours of my life.

*etsy is about the best place to find just the thing. You may not know to whom it is going, but there it is, waiting on the shelf.

Just sayin’

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Black Friday and decorating BEFORE Christmas

  1. I have never shopped on Black Friday. I have no idea why but I jsut haven’t. All my Christmas shopping is complete tho because I bought all my gifts at the Farmers market this summer. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    1. What a smart idea! I try to do my shopping at small businesses or from etsy, which is a handmade/small business site on-line. I never even though of looking at the Farmer’s market! We have a great beekeeper at our farmers market which would make great gifts, along with a little booth where they sell home made jams and jellies, great salsa’s, chow chow, nuts….you’ve given me a great idea!

  2. We never shop on Black Friday…..something about me that refuses to be like those refugee kids you see running toward a food and water truck.

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