From Fresno to the Pacific and back

Holy moly! I spend most of my time within 2 blocks of my house and today I had to drive to Fresno for the pre op for my husband’s back surgery. Truely, I have avoided driving in Fresno from October to January for the last 25 years because there are too many people on the road.  (Me, who used to live in Orange County and drive into Vermont and Slaussen to work.)  His doctor is wonderful but has zero people skills. He spent most of his life with his head in a book and has the social skills of a 13 year old.  And that’s okay, because I’ve spent the better part of my life working with inmates with the social skills of a 13 year old. Just sayin’

All that stuff done,  I picked up my son and headed  to the coast. I had some business to take care of and I have been so cooped up, I just wanted to drive west with the windows down. The weather was perfect…just breezy enough to clear the sky. Once I got my business done, we headed to the beach at the base of Morro Rock.  Tide was just coming in (not great surfing,  textured, crumbly little low tide lines).  January and February is the best time to visit; it is so foggy here and the coast always has the opposite winter weather. Had lunch on the boat and then headed home.  We talked all the way over and all the time we were there and all the way back. I’m hoarse and tired.

I need to go to Fresno AGAIN and spend a couple of days at the hospital (at least I like the food there).  This is the last surgery this year. He’s had nine and I am tired of hospitals and staples.  respiratory tubes , IV’s and ….well, I’m tired of all of it. Next on the list are new hips and new knees.  Next year.

We’re spending my birthday week at our little house on the water.  No worries. I’m going to sew and sit in the sun on the deck  and spend a week pretending I have no responsibilities.

I can pretend if I want to.

Next year, it’s the Rose Parade for my birthday week.  I love me a grand parade!


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