New knitting project

Gosh, I love the yarn hereAnd this is the colorway at Three Irish Girls. Everything is custom dyed, so the only caveat is to make sure you get enough for your project. I’m using this pattern, with a little bit of tweaking—I don’t care for the sleeves —too short and too wide. It’s too short, also.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with patterns.

So I have cut down on my on-line time since I’m busy with my cross stitch (that’s the project in the library) or my knitting (tv handwork). I’m also doing my own housework, cooking and tending to my still ailing husband. He’s recovering from (I think) his 10th surgery this year. It’s been a rough year and I for one am just sick of it.

We had planned to go to the coast this week but the drive over is just too rough on him. The road is bumpy and it just kills his hips. He reminds me of my Da “Sweet baby Jaysus! Are ye trying to hit every bump in the road?” (And I’m saying in my head “No, but I’d be glad to.”)

Talked to my brother today as he drove over from his boat to our hometown.  We are planning to go to Stitches West in February. I went a couple of years ago with a friend who is also a teacher/knitter. She really can turn out the projects and likes challanging projects. Not me!

Knitting and handwork is the Zen in my life. I love stockinette so much…just the little clickety-click of the needles makes me happy. I did buy some variegated blue for a baby blanket for my daughter (she is years away from a baby but this really caught my eye).

I’m looking at this blue in the pattern and thinking….well, gosh, I really like that yarn colorway. So I’m ordering that colorway from Three Irish Girls, too!

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