Your face really WILL be stuck that way

Did your mother ever tell you to not cross your eyes or they would get stuck? She was right. My dad always said that after fifty, you got the face you earned. Boy, were they right!

I was at the Regional Medical Center in Fresno and was walking past a car with a bumper sticker from one of the local schools.  The driver was apace with me so I asked him if he knew Mrs. B. His little face got that non-anon look on it. Yeaaah, he knew Mrs. B and then he did a spot on face of her face. When I taught high school, I found it so funny how the kids could pick up on a teacher’s facial expressions and mimic them perfectly. High school kids are very much like kinders….just a little more edited.

Oh, I had gone to school with Mrs. B.

Known her for about a hundred years. And the face she wears is the face she has been working on for the last 45 or 50 years.  She has practiced every squinch, every smile, every frown, every look millions upon millions of times. There is a reason why our faces fall into our typical expressions….good, bad, snippy or sour. They are the well worn pages of our lives.

Except for one really awful year about 39 years ago, Mrs. B has always had a happy face on. Her mother has one. So does her sister. All their happy moments are carved upon their features.

I don’t know how some people can dismiss the bad stuff in their lives and focus on the good, but Mrs. B has managed. She has had her fair share of awfulness but has managed to keep it off her face. Sure, she is wrinkled–who isn’t?–but when you look at her, it’s the good stuff you see. She taught kinder for years and I have to say, if kinder is a good match for you, as it was for me, your day is filled with joy.

I think if more people were just happy in 1/3 of their lives, no one would need plastic surgery. Moisturizer, yes. Surgery, no

3 thoughts on “Your face really WILL be stuck that way

  1. Love it! Just 1/3 happy would be great at times.
    No need to bring negatives to others when they have enough of their own.

    So SMILE! 🙂

    1. So true! I don’t know how Diane does it….but you look into her face and you know it’s going to be just fine. (I’m also convinced that she has a spotless house and her clothes leap from the dryer to the closets…but that’s another story, LOL!)

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