Banned books

I think I’ve read more than my share of banned books because I’m a voracious reader. Some of the books on this particular list I didn’t like, but if they banned every book I didn’t like, there would be a really long list of books. So I wonder why some of the books made the list. Because they were about sex? Or badly about sex? Or teenagers thinking about sex?

I would bet there are dozens of banned book lists. I probably have read every single one of them. When I lived in Utah, I made it my personal business to read every single fiction book they had at the big library. I wasn’t shocked by a single one…although there were times when I thought, “Damn! I could write a better book than this!”….and tha was before I had lived my life. I have a lot more material now!


2 thoughts on “Banned books

  1. I can’t believe that list! Bridge to Terabithia is banned? I have it on my bookshelf — think I will read it again to see why it is banned. lol The same thought goes for several others. BIG SIGH

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