B & E next door

I live across the street from a noisy bar; the kind I think is a dive but my daughter assures me there are far more dive-y places in town. Usually there are fights and lights and screaming and cops. On rainy nights, it is usually quiet. Oh, guys will walk across the street to smoke and talk trash under the veranda but it’s usually pretty quiet. Last night though, I could hear people talking…not what they were saying but enough to know they weren’t fighting or arguing. This morning, I found out why.

I took the dogs out around 0600…the big ones go across the street, up the alley, down to the train tracks, up past the car dealership and then back to my house. Rocket likes to go down our alley, bark at the guard dogs until they get tired of barking, across the street to the train tracks and then up our street to our house. But as we are passing the barber shop, I see glass all over the sidewalk. I mean ALL OVER. The shop on the corner had its door kicked in. Glass all over inside and out. I picked up Rocket so she wouldn’t walk in the glass and called 911. First thing I said was “This is a non-emergency call” and then I told the operator who, what and where. She told me a car would be out but to go on inside; no need to stand out in the rain. (Small town).

So I’m upstairs, washing dishes when I get the call from Officer Todd. He wants to talk to me to finish up his report. I told him I’d just run down and let him in. (I am security concious enough that I keep the street level door locked.) Officer Todd has been here a lot lately and laughed and said “Miss Chloe, don’t you be running down those stairs.”

I told him that for a rainy night, the alley was sure loud around midnight. Usually on a rainy night, the alley is empty and quiet. Guys will stand under the veranda to smoke and talk trash. Last night, I could hear several people (more than two) talking sort of loud. Not loud enough to hear what they were saying, but loud enough to hear. Not fighting. Not arguing. I didn’t hear any glass breaking or a car engine but the talking around midnight was loud enough to wake me.

There was six thousand dollars worth of stuff missing.  Todd said they’d check the Monday sale tomorrow (all that NWT stuff has to come from somewhere!) The shops downstairs have alarms and I’m thinking that maybe I need to get a wrought iron security door for my entry and put up some razor wire on the roof.

I hate the idea of locking myself up like I’m in a war zone but needs must, I guess.

When we vry first moved here, I was a little lax about keeping the door locked and more than once had a stranger walk all the way upstairs. I finally changed out the door (it did look like a storefront–sorta) and put a notice on the door saying this was a private residence/no admittance. Even so, I still will get people knocking at the door, looking for the firehouse (next block) or the Blue Moon (other next block) or the legal office (on the corner with the really big law office looking signs). I’ve even had people knock knock knock on the door and ask if this was the cleaners (two doors down—you know, the door that has a big CLEANERS sign in the window.)  People are funny.

But NOT inside my house.


One thought on “B & E next door

  1. Just glad no one was injured, you are safe and that you are security conscious! Weird things happen even in quiet towns. Gotta take care of ourselves first and foremost! luv ya! ~C~

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