Do you have a soundtrack of your life?

I love the music and lyrics. I can hear phrases that echo so deeply in my life, I would trade every brain in my head to be able to sing. I took 16 years of piano lessons and all I can really do is read music and pick up the melody line. My teacher in college told me if I were serious, I would practice four hours a day and then put in another two hours for the pure pleasure. THAT never happened. I would play for my kinders and first graders but I NEVER play for anyone else. Ever. There isn’t much in my life I can keep for myself, but this is. I have a friend, Susie, who can play along with a recording note for note. She is seriously good. I’m adequate but I play in a empty house for myself.  I love this David Cook cover of  “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain.

And both of these, too! The guy is Phillip Phillips, audtioning for American Idol 2012. You might be hard pressed to recognize my Thriller  possibly be able to guess it  probably couldn’t recognize my Thriller unless you saw the sheet music in front of me).
Working on At Last, covered by Christina Aguilera

The piano work  Knocks. Me. Out.

This is what I’ve been doing in January:

  • Found my husband unconcious,unresponsive and BLUE on the bedroom floor. After every test known to the medical community, he was sent home to me with a dianosis of ???
  • Then three days later, he fell down the stairs (28 of them, plus the landing) broke four ribs and was airlifted to RMC-Fresno. THAT was a really bad week. That ER was like a riot in a war zone. I have no idea how people work in a place like that. After every test known to the medical community, he was sent home to me with a diagnosis of ???.
  • Then he fell in the kitchen and broke his femur, knee and hip. He is all casted, set, pinned and has a new hip. He should be walking tomorrow. Then the big question is whether I should send him to a rehab place, where he’ll get really good physical therapy or if I should bring him home, where I’ll be the one doing the physical therapy. The place the hospital has in mind ….I wouldn’t put my cat in, much less my dogs. So I guess it’s going to be a coin flip.
  • To fill the million hours in hospital/ER/surgical waiting rooms, I finished a scarf for my daughter’s birthday (ocean colors) and a pair of mitts (cashmere), finished a couple of baby sweaters and am working on a watchcap for my husband’s cold head.
  • Note to self: knit no more black, ever.

I love the images of this clip…no idea who is singing, except I know for sure it isn’t me. And it probably isn’t the GooGoo Dolls, either.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a soundtrack of your life?

  1. Chloe, I think you need to have a much more boring February. Any chance of a different rehab facility? What happens if you tell the hospital that your decision is “None of the above?”

  2. Hey! I just caught up on things here! You have been through so much! I wish we could get together again. I keep you in my prayers. I have had some interesting times as well, but not quite as stressful as yours. You know I love you and will ALWAYS be your friend! Take care and let’s try to chat online soon! (That was a hint, although I’ll admit, I haven’t been online lately like usual.)

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