For Better or Worse…a soundtrack

This is my husband

He is kind and always willing to give someone down and out and helping hand, a job, some cash. He cries when Lisi tells him she loves him. He loves my dogs, even though three dogs is more than he ever wanted. (Eulalie is what I’m going to name my next dog.) Heck, when he found me he wasn’t looking for a woman with children and I came with two. He doesn’t swear or curse. He’s not a door slammer or a plate thrower. He does everything in his power to make me happy ( not when he is recovering from surgery….he’s not a saint!)and sometimes, I think I am far more than he imagined he was going to have to handle.

This is me 
FYI, the first video is R-rated for language. Turn the sound off if there are tender ears around.

and a little bit of this (okay, not with my husband; just with everyone prior to December 1997. Well, actually, Chrismas morning 1997, if you want the truth. The guys prior to Christmas night? They should have stood in front of a train.

and a little bit of this

My mama was a pistol, too. She raised her two brothers when her mother died and those boys were rounders, the both of them. She had a hair trigger temper, was a great cook and was a good fair judge-y judge of people. She kept track of what peope liked and always had a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie ready when Em, my best friend from high school was coming over. She worried over that girl and when she married young, fretted that her new husband wasn’t going to be good to her. She never understood our friendship, but she always asked after her. Even my Da fretted over that girl until she finished school and got what they thought was the epitome of jobs….something inside, with health benefits and a pension. Oh, when she got old, she didn’t like her much but then she didn’t like ME either.

I think I got the better deal. I’m not a door slammer or a plate thrower (well, not anymore. Too much work to clean up.)I’m hot tempered, not kind, irritated A LOT and swear like my father, in long, complicated curses (Eff you is shorthand when I don’t have time to really curse fluently in six languages, including ASL). No excuses, just plain fact.


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