Ow. Headache. 0642

It’s like this.
Poor me.

I know exactly how THIS guy felt…because I would like to drill a hole in MY head to let the evil spirits out.
I have all kinds of “abortive” treatments here at home and I tried them all. They are about as useful as teats on a boar, is all I can say. I even tried sugar in whiskey with a hot spoon. (What? You’ve never tired that? Shot of whiskey; spoonful of sugar; heat the spoon on the burner until it looks hot; plunge it into the whiskey and shoot it. For all the good it’s going to do. That’s also the cure for sore throats, labor, gunshot, teething and snakebite, in case you are interested. Anything Bag Balm won’t work for. Man, woman, child. If that doesn’t work, you are doomed.)

This works.
But I still feel like this when I know it is coming.

This is what I get…and here is my doctor. He got into clusters because it was interesting. He’s the kind of guy who does the Henry Pitt crosswords in ink.
Boy, if you want a look at what time and all eternity feels like, spend a day inside here.

Funny phrase that…what about time and part of eternity? What if eternity is a lot longer than I really planned on it being? Because these headaches are really time consuming….and gives new meaning to the word forever.



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