Got my mojo back!

Worked in the library today….I have too many books by about 500. They are by authors I don’t care for, about things I’m not interested (Football? The History of Hurling and anything by Steven King). So I am weeding out my shelves and setting those books free by taking them to the various nursing home around town.

What I’m doing DURING the weeding is interesting probably only to me. I’m making little vignettes on each shelf that somehow relate to the books on the shelf. For example, all of my Kinsey Millhone books are on two shelves with a Corona portable typewriter. Harry Potter? A porcelain owl and a real crystal ball.

Some nights I can’t sleep, so this is a quiet little project to work on. I have a TON of coffee table books left over from the Coffee Scoop and I’m only keeping the ones that interest me. (I’m not interested in cars, NASCAR or tractors. Or any sport. At. All.)

I have two noisy projects going on, too. Sewing room and closet, which are both daytime projects. With Mike so ill, I’ve just let this stuff sort of snowball into a hoarders mess. Not really hoarding….just that open the door and fling it in kind of behavior. I’ve almost got the linen closet and laundry room all tidied up (they are far enough away from the bedroom that Mike can sleep undisturbed. Nothing is more irksome than trying to sleep and some do-gooder is tearing up a messy room, so I try to be considerate that way.

Pictures to follow.


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