Speaking of LEAP year

Evidently, this Friday night was the night to celebrate leap year by running your car into a house. Unbelievable.
There was this one and then there was the one where the driver (did they both go to the same party?) ran into one of my rentals. The only reason I know about the car in my house is becasue some random guy called and wanted to know if he could have the “couple of fence boards a-lying on the ground”.
I don’t make it a habit to give away stuff to random callers.
Then, the phone call makes me want to hop into my car, driving across town and taking a gander at what Mr. Random is talking about.

He wasn’t talking about a couple of boards. He was talking about the whole front and SIDE fence. Said car sailed thru the corner of the fence and landed on the porch. Did my tenants call me? Did they even call the police? Nope. That would be Miss Liza who live across the street (two months ago, someone sailed into her house, so when she heard the commotion, she knew exactly what had happened.) However, the police managed to talk to all three renters. I called the station and got the report, so I know who Mr. Hop-Skip and Plow into my house is.
The damage looked a lot worse than it was and I had it fixed today.
I go out tomorrow to look at the damage at the other house. That car ran into his daughter’s room…lucky she wasn’t at home.

In honor of leap year, here is my favorite airborne music video


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