Gardening…my kind of therapy

I’ve always liked digging in the dirt and growing my own. There is just a certain joy in having enough faith to plant some tiny seeds, add water, dirt and in no time, something will grow.

I keep telling people that spring here is such a brief and fleeting season…we have a long dark winter and an equally long hot summer….fall and spring are here and gone before you know it. I put off road trips in the spring many times for fear of coming home and it’s summer already.

Tomorrow, I have deemed it spring-y enough to plant my veranda. I’m stopping at Orchard for three  pots…two strawberry pots; one for for basils and one for my other herbs….they’ve gotten a good start in the windowsill but it’s time for them to move outside. I have one giant pot I had a big palm in (I don’t care for palms and didn’t). That gets pulled up and tomatoes go in—tomatoes, onions and chives. The onions and chives flavor the tomatoes. The other pot will have just plain tomatoes and cucumbers. I have a hose bibb on the veranda, so I can water and hose off the dirt (there is a LOT of it, for being downtown and up so high. I think maybe part of it is the trains that speed through the town every hour.)

If you’ve never used a strawberry pot to plant a bunch of herbs, I’ve found a couple of clips from YouTube. Hope you enjoy!

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