Crazy spring weather! Unheard of!

This is what it sounds like, just in case you have never heard a heavy rainstorm or have forgotten how soothing the noise can be

Yesterday, a huge storm blew up from the North and brought heavy winds, pouring rain, hail and FUNNEL CLOUDS!  i These two photos were taken outside of Lemoore and up north of Sacramento. One touched down and gobbled up a garage and another broke some windows. I know that I wasn’t the only person looking around the house and wondering where the safest place was to hide out (there are none. We are ready for doom when the earth opens up; not when the sky opens up!)
It rained all night, which unsettled the dogs and me…we all ended up in the front bedroom, where I had put the doves because I thought the storm was too windy for them to be in their little cage. So we were all in there and in no time, the sounds of the water just knocked us out. Didn’t wake up until the workers came upstairs. While I was in the back bedroom, all I could hear was the wind in the trees and the sound of the wind, whossing around the brick corners, dogs howling and people fighting in the alley. (Sometimes, a couple will get into a fight and wander down our alley and while I’m privy to the angry middle, I rarely can figure out what the heck started it, so I am SO tempted to stick my head out the window and shout “Start over! I missed the beginning!”…like I could just rewind the evening up for my own personal curiosity.

And has rained off and all all day.
It is always exciting to me when it does rain. So much of a farmers live revolves around the rain. It’s never enough and if it is, it rains at the exact wrong time. We want rain in the winter, not the spring. Certainly not when there is new hay cut and waiting to be baled. Certainly not when there are small fruits, set on the tree and just waiting for a heavy rain and strong wind to knock them off and dash any hope of a decent harvest.

It is raining still and should be raining all this weekend. Despite going out into the dark wet morning with the dogs (who are not happy, leaping over the wide stream in the middle of the alley), this is what we will get, once the rains stop. And that patch of green is what keeps the farmers going. Just the memory of that little bit of green and growing will fund hope for an entire year.


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