Crying time for me

Want a good cry?

Just a little self indulgant “woe is me” moment.
Mike has developed some other “falling apart” injury and I feel as if I am stuck on some carousel we can’t get off.
Me? After a two week cease-fire from my headaches, I was in the ER with a terrible one yesterday and have one today,too. Real tears.
The only good thing about them is that I know I won’t DIE but they hurt so badly, I wish I could.

So I plan to lay in bed and just cry for a while.
Tomorrow will surely be better!


3 thoughts on “Crying time for me

  1. I get nothing done that needs done here some days, far too many days. Keep thinking once it gets a bit warmer I will enjoy outside more,be more active. Pain just wears on any of us, we are beat up before we ever get started. You have more inner strength than most people all combined.

  2. (((((((((((((((Katie)))))))))))))))))
    Poor M, poor you. Life seems to land punch after punch after punch sometimes. These headaches are awful 😦
    That video is very moving..
    I am sorry and sad for you – but I also know that you will be up and at it again very soon, probably by the time you read this comment!

  3. I wish I could somehow take your pain away……..Crying for me makes my head worse not better and my eyes all puffy and face looks yucky. LOL Hope today is better

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