Lord have mercy~ Bee swarm on my building

This is how nature reproduces new / more bee colonies. A beehive, with a queen, lots of workers (females) and a small amount of drones (males) was getting overcrowded. This is mother natures prime opportunity to reproduce and make another colony. So the old queen and several thousand bees leave the old home spot in search of a new home. They land somewhere, usually not all that far from the original home. Scout bees (a handful of the workers) leave the swarm and go looking for a potential new home. When they find a suitable spot, the whole group heads over and sets up house. They begin to build honeycomb, collect nectar and raise a family again.

Too bad I don’t want them under my bathroom window.

THis is the time of the year when bees swarm and since they are beyond valuable for farmers, I didn’t want to bug spray them. So I hauled a hose thru my house, waited until TWO AM (they are lethargic when it is cool) and sprayed them off. There was a new comb about the size of a BASKETBALL hanging off one of the struts and I managed to spray off the entire swarm on the wall ( about the size of a kindergartener). Of all of my renters and my husband, I was the only person who had even SEEN a swarm, much less dealt with one.

So, the bees are happily looking for somewhere else to set up housekeeping…maybe the legal offices next door…just not under my bathroom window!

Smoking them out works, but then you have to transport them someplace. I just used a gentle stream of water out my bathroom window…that way if I had some psycho bee, hell bent on stinging me (rarely happens), I could spray them right out of the air.  Once the female bees are displaced and the drones decide this is not a hospitable landing zone, you can spot the queen, who looks


One thought on “Lord have mercy~ Bee swarm on my building

  1. We have bees in the vent of our airing cupboard at the moment. Not sure we could hose water into there, but we do have some powder we’ve sprinkled in that we hope we make them feel less at home. I have seen swarms too – they are incredible.

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