New Chair Happy Dance!!

I live in a Victorian home and I have a beautiful table with the ugliest chairs on the planet. They are sturdy. There is nothing worng with them except I just don’t like them. So I have been hunting hunting hunting for a set of Eastlake chairs to go with the rest of my dining room.

Not only did I find them, they fell into my lap. Someone who knew someone I know sent me the photos and asked me if I’d TAKE THEM. They were down-sizing and have a more modern esthetic than I, so…..

I will probably recover them, only because I have some gorgeous Fortuny velvet. The table in the photo isn’t mine…but as soon as I get them from San Francisco (yippee! Roadtrip!), I’ll post a photo with my table set. The hardest thing I have to do is take the seats out of the back of my Element so they will all fit.

This week, I’m moving some of my stop gap furniture into the rooms they were destined for. The back guest room gets my old armoire (which will one day get whitewahed and stenciled, just not right now). My giant jam cupboard is going out onto the veranda so Mike can have a workshop for his stained glass here at home. The cherry bookcases, which have been pretending to be a china cupboard are going into the front bedroom and the furniture in that room will be reduced and ONLY what I love will stay.

Figured out how I could avoid spending $700+ on curtain rods for the library. I have a pipe cutter, a reversible drill and a measuring tape, along with a carpenters square. THAT project? $40, plus that self satisfyed feeling when you get what you want for what you can afford!

Every writer I know has trouble writing. Joseph Heller

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