I baby sat two dogs this last week

Two of them (Rocket-two pounds and Tank (100 pounds) live with me all the time. Jacket (about 40 pounds) lives with us about 75% of the time and they all get along all right, unless they decide to pretend this is the Indy 500 and race around the house, skidding around the corners and stealing toys from one another. If they get to going too fast, one of them will skid out, run into the others and we will have a giant pile up with some very unpleasant barking, yipping and growling. Tank and Jack will run and hide because that kind of stuff makes Rocket very cranky.

Then there is Comet, who is a Service Dog. Did you know they aren’t pets? I don’t know what the heck they do with them when they go get trained, but they beat the dog right out of them! No running. No playing, No chasing. Just working and keeping an eye on their person.

Since she was vacationing here, I took off her Service Dog jacket and let her be part of the pack. It took several days but at the end, she was back to being a dog…just barely, but she was acting like part of the pack at least.

Then I got out the tennis balls.ImageTH

That was just too funny.

Then I tried to get them to obey, using bits of hot dogs…which seemed a little cannibalistic but they sure had a good time.

Until Clark came back to get Comet, who promptly turned into a service dog.

Sort of made me feel bad.

A little.


Not at all.

Every dog should spend part of their day running like maniacs and barking like fools. All of this good behavior is for ….children, not animals.

Speaking of which, a neighbor has a Rottie mix, who needs to find a fine home.  Don’t let his looks deceive you!


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