I’m not up to date with all the tricky things you can do with your phone….but here is a something that is life-saving

I’ll admit it; I just learned to text last week and while I can take photos with my phone, they are rarely pictures of what I thought I was taking. But I’m working on that bit of Star Trek technology!

First of all, make sure your phone is password protected. If it is lost or stolen, you DO NOT want your information available to every Tom, Dick or Charles Manson. Yes, it’s a pain. It’s a five second inconvenience….but having a stranger get his hands on your info—especially if you decide to use your phone’s photo abilities to keep track of important information—what’s that five seconds worth? Your life. Your identity? The identy of your children? How about thier location? Five seconds to protect your families peace of mind? Sound like a pretty cheap trade off to me!

The link to this article is at the bottom of this post. I DIDN’T WRITE IT. I just found it and thought it was so so relevant that I just had to share! It seems so important that I didn’t want  you to have to take even a second to look for it. I wanted it to be right here, so you would read it and take immediate action. It’s that important!


Have you ever forgotten the name of a prescription? What about the measurements of your air filter? Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of smartphone cameras, it’s now possible to carry around your entire life (well, at least a 2-D version) in the palm of your hand.

You might already use your email or notes apps on your smartphone to keep track of little everyday reminders. But your camera app and photo album can be just as useful as a memory aid.

Here are a few things that can easily be remembered with a quick snap of your camera phone’s shutter button:

• A reminder of where you parked. Parking in the city is no joke.
• Your printer cartridges. Make sure you can see the refill numbers.
• Your family members’ clothing sizes.
• The measurements of your air filter.
• Travel confirmation numbers. Take a screenshot of the email your airline sends you. When you check in later and need to find confirmation numbers, your photo album will be less cluttered than your inbox.
• Pictures of current medications. Make sure you can see the prescriptions’ names and dosages in the photo.
• The types of light bulbs that fit your home fixtures.
• A recipe from a book or magazine that you want to use soon.
• Anything “borrowed” that you might want to buy later, like the brand of a smooth-writing pen at the bank or a great-smelling hotel shampoo.
• Expensive home furnishings you just know you can DIY at home. Get shots of all the important angles for when you’re ready to DIY.

Do you have any other suggestions? We’re sure you smart folks can think of plenty more ideas for photo reminders to leave stored on your smartphone. Please leave a comment and share it with everyone!

*Photos of your pets
*Photos of your children
*Photos of your spouse/parent, especially if he or she suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s
*Recent photos of the two of you, just in case he/she forgets who you are
*Photo of your driver’s license and passport, in case you lose them while traveling
*Photo of any tattoos your children may have

And very important….the name of family members dentist. A dear friend passed away and his body was not identifiable. It took me hours upon hours to locate his dentist so he could be identified by his dental records. On TV, it looks so simple, doesn’t it? But in real life, you have to know who the dentist is

Here is where it came from. They have lots of other great ideas but this one/ Worth every second it took to read and stick into your head!

Enjoy a glorious day today, my friends! I know I will. My head doesn;t hurt, my floor is mopped and today is the first day of our local Farmer’s Market and I’m in the mood to make some jam!

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