YouTube is giving me entirely too much information about things I do not want to know

I admit it, I am a link clicker. Love YouTube. Love to hunt up old clips from random movies to watch.

Like this one from 1999. Not Freddie Mercury but a nice piece

then I wandered around and found this (Lord have MERCY! Have music videos changed or what?)

Live at the Bowl….one of the best

This one starts around 3:37 or so….

then this, which really got me to thinking…but not over much, obviously.

Then, curious thing that I am, I clicked onto Ten most evil children in history. WHAT was I thinking? I worked for years with the most evil children AND adults….what was I thinking?  It was not a ballet video, that much I can tell you.

I don’t know why icky stuff will stick in your brain, but it will..far longer than nice stuff. Maybe humans are some kind of personal sadists and want to see the ick, vicariously. maybe that is why there are so many cop and body programs on television, I’m going to try to avoid the ick…and look towards the nice for a while.

There is no end to the stupidity of man…me, included.

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