Drive out thru the country this early morning

Lisi gets up at o’dark thirty to go to teach at one of the far flung prisons an hour away. I get up at 0545 to take the dogs out and just as I was leashing up, she called to see if I could run out, pick her up and bring her back to town. She forgot her ID and as at all secure facilities, it doesn’t make any difference if you are DATING the guy at the gate, if you don’t have ID, you don’t get in.

So I made the hour long jaunt out thru the country, amusing myself by identifying every single crop I passed. I always amused us on road trips by pointing out what we were seeing—farm land is disappearing so quickly, one of the few joys is to be able to recognize what we drive by.

Cilantro in green; lettuce being harvested…oranges….plums (peaches look more like an open hand; prunes are taller and skinnier…and are part of the plum family like oranges are part of the citrus family. I don’t care what you’ve read.)  There are great swathes of wheat growing, too….full of red winged blackbirds. Lisi remembers driving thru the wheatfileds in Idaho out in the Palouse…which I thought was one of the prettiest places I’d ever seen….huge rolling fields, filled with all kinds of birds. It was just beautiful.

So we got back, ID in hand and back to work she went, in time for her last four classes. The last photo is pistachios. They have hard little leaves and the nuts grow in bunches, like grapes. I remember driving my Da around to see what all was growing (we could spend hours in the car, just looking). He always wanted me to slow down, swerve off the road and stop, so he could really look at whatever it was that was growing. That of course, was long before cell phones, the internet and cable tv. We were sort of on our own for entertainment.


I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork. Peter De Vries

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