I feel like myself today!

The kitchen is clean. The floors are swept.

My next project? My sewing room.

I’ll take the usual hideously messy photos ( I swear, it has been the toss in room for the last year, so the before photos will look like an episode of Hoarders! Then I’ll post the clean-up and parts in between. Unless I get to see the cleaning part of a makeover, I feel cheated, as if they managed to corral cleaning fairies and have them do all the work, while the mess makers drink coffee and snack on Hershey bars.

I have sewing projects that I REALLY want to do (it has been so long since I’ve felt like doing anything) as well as a ton of scrap booking. I am hoping that June will be a no-headache month and I can do more than just be alive, moment to moment. With what I spend on my head, I could have so many projects going on.

Library opens in fifteen minutes; I’m walking over. I have some mail to drop off, too.

I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to just FEEL like myself!

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