Veranda clean up

This is what I have in mind for my veranda–a Valentines gift from my husband. It is a little over 1,000square feet and is our only outdoor space. We’ve been using it sort of as a staging area…whatever is in our way goes out the door until the room is ready for it again. Right now, I have patio furniture, a porch swing, two barber stools, two giagntic old stoves, a beadbord cupboard, my doves and a giant bookcase sitting out there. Waiting.

The bookcase is eventually going into my room. It needs to be finished and the shelves need to be trimmed out. It is going where a mahogony dresser is now. That piece is going into one of the guest suites.

The beadboard cupboard is for all of Mike’s tools. You’d think there would be room inside, but there’s not. And besides, he is going to work outside anyway.

The two stoves are for my barbeque and buffet. The barber chairs, once they have been spiffed up will go into one corner of the library.

I have a giant birdcage for my doves, so both of the cages need to be cleaned, sandpapered and repainted. Misters are going up so we have a degree of coolness out there. It gets super hot here in the supper but no humidity. The misters cool the air but the water evaporated before it lands on your head to mess up your head.

Then we are going to screen the big part of the veranda so we can have some privacy for the hot tub….which I used to use every day of the year and sometimes ten times. Like I said, it gets HOT here and sometimes the only way to cool off is by jumping in a large body of water.

So my plans today:

  • Walmart for shopping. Birdfood, bird perches, water bottles for the birds. Steaks for us. And cream for coffee.
  • Drag out the Oriental rug in the guest suite….I think maybe it smells of dog. And cat. I can hose it off and let it dry outside while I scrub that bathroom with bleach.
  • Hose hose hose the veranda. I can only do this on Sunday’s because the shops are closed. Even I don’t want to be hosing down customers and cars!
  • Move the bookcase, the beadboard cabinet and the barber chairs to where they will eventually belong.
  • Fix the parts of the flooring that look sort of wonky. Repaint with eleastic merit ($190/gallon but it will waterproof just about anything.
  • Figure out where the jacuzzi goes.
  • Barbeque
  • Brush Tank. He is shedding so much that I’m sure it is going to be a really long hot summer.
  • Then, I have a book to read, library books to get together to take back tomorrow and a kitchen to clean (can’t sleep? Clean the kitchen!

And that should do it for pretty much all of today!

2 thoughts on “Veranda clean up

  1. OK, I know it’s hackneyed saying it, but I am shattered just reading that list. How much of it did you get done – honestly…?
    Lovely pic of the hotel 🙂

  2. my goal is to get up every morning, go to the gym, eat, shower get dressed and do ONE thing for the house and ONE thing for myself plus continue ONE thing that is always on the long TO DO LIST….I am RETIRED………TIRED is in retired! hee hee hee Your list exhausts me just reading it! OMG

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