Moving my sewing room

I have a darling sewing room right off my bedroom. It is about the size of a good sized bathroom but it isn’t LARGE enough. So I’m going to turn it into a scrap booking only space (Only because I’m thinking of selling either Close to My Heart or Stampin’ Up as a home party business—I am not cut out to be retired!) and moving my sewing/curtains/quilting into the front guest suite.Part of the reason I’m thinking about going into this scrapbook home party sales is that I am so freakin; lonely!

I thought about Tastefully Simple but I hate to cook. HATE IT. But I like paper crafts and scrapbooks in particular more than cardmaking, although I have gone to a jillion cardmaking classes in Fresno…they just seem to be so time consuming for so little reward. I still write for Hallmark but only freelancing and even that has gone from almost full time to about an hour a month and my income has really shown the difference. I was working for Hallmark maybe 40 hours a week freelancing and I made a bundle. But every writer has her day in the sun and I think I’m at about 1230 in the morning right now. I’ve sold other things on the party system and I really like it. Especially if it is a make and take party. Tupperware, Jafra, Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef…not so much. The money was good but they all seemed like WORK, ya know? I want a product that I can really enjoy. I even thought about Sentsy but they gal I buy from is so perfect, I could never compete. She was born to sell Scentsy. (I like the product, which is a little burning holder that melts the scented tart via a small electric bulb. I buy the scented tarts here, online. They smell the best and have both a dog and a smokers tart that is the best I’ve tried, bar none.

The light is good and there is a big bed to lay out my projects. AND since my brother has a big apartment now in Porterville, instead of little 236 square foot efficiency, he probably won’t be staying here much…and if he does, I can just move the quilting.

It’s just that when we were shifting walls, my craft room looked so spacious and roomy and perfect. It’s not. The sewing in the middle of the night wakes Mike up. If I sew in the front part of the house, he won’t hear me.

My sewing project right now is mainly ripping. I bought a shabby Chic comforter in pink with roses in it but the stuffing all balled up. So I’m ripping it apart, Adding seams right at the matteress line, adding sides that go to the floor and then adding a flip over top that just flips over the pillows and having it all over long bed quilted on a whole cloth with scalloped edges. It will be still the fou fou floral room I wanted, just not so puffy. The scalloped edges will make it  feminine enough. The original comforters have miles of ruffles, which will go on the rounded poof for the drapes, which will have black out lining. The sun comes up REALLY early and bright in this room–enough to either blind you or to start a headache that hadn’t made it’s mind up yet.

Whenever I move into a new house, it takes about two years before I can figure out what the house REALLY is looking for, as far as decoration, I have never been about to successfully do it without living there. Oh, I can make it look okay, just not like a home.

So there it is. I will have two entire rooms to make a mess in…although, I am hoping it will be just a mess this summer and then I can keep it under control. Although I am taking some quilting classes to make runners for my island in the kitchen. I like to decorate the kitchen for holidays and seasons more than I do the dining room—which is totally Victorian and sort of formal. It is always ready for company, so I try to just keep it dusted and the silver in good condition. It’s not a room that looks good with seasonal decorations–sort of like Queen Elizabeth in cutoffs and flip flops. Just not seemly.

One thought on “Moving my sewing room

  1. I have a tart burner too but one I have to use with real candles (a pain). I really enjoy the various smells especially at Christmas time when I get the candy cane smells. Writing takes creativity! Kudos for you! Just remember…….above all else………K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sister!

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