New curtains…every thing is purchased and measured…cover chairs, bedspreads….and dining room chairs

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

I have about ten inches extra with my tapestry, so I bought 11 yards of cotton damask in a cornbread color to eek out an extra set of curtains. The top ones will be on a metal rod with whack iron finials and wooden rings with little clippies. Those will be swagged back on vintage East Lake doorknobs and faceplates. We already have them or THAT would cost a fortune. The yellow damask will hang behind the tapestry and be lined and padded to keep the room both warm and cool, depending on what the wind and weather is. I’m going to use this new insulation stuff that is as thin as a piece of aluminum foil and see how that works.Even with dual paned windows, there is a LOT of dust in here and I am hoping these window treatments will help. It is all straight sewing and very little thinking. My sewing table will be set up at the foot of the guest bed so I will have room to lay out the goods and sew like a squirrel.

The next project is to unpick the uber fluffy coverlets I bought from Target. The fabric is exactly what I wanted but the stuffing is all foofed down to the bottom after being CLEANED at at drycleaner. I am most unhappy with that, since they weren;t even steamed and findihed looking. So I have to find either pink cottom damask for the bottom part or white…makes no difference to me. Then I’ll unpick the whole mess and baste it together, have it machine quilted and then sew it back together with flat fell seams. The top of the bed with piping, then the bottom part that will hand to the floor with (hand sewn) scallops. Everything will be machine quilted, which will squash down all that fluffiness and the spread will just take a second to fit on the bed. I am gong to put a pillow cover on the very top, inside out, so I can put my pillows up against the headboard and flip the top (scalloped of course) over it. Making the bias and hand sewing the scallops will take about 100 hours, I suppose. Maybe 50. A lot, I’m pretty sure.

From the fabric I have left over, I’m making lined and blackout lined drapes. Pretty full, because I have miles of this pink sprigged stuff. The valance will be scalloped but I think I will have miles of ruffles I will put on the inside edges of the drapes, which also will be able to be pulled open on East Lake knobs. I think I will have more than enough fabric to make a relaxed roman shade, also black out lined with a lace “sheer” underneath.

I have two wingback chairs I want to slipcover in a dark rose cotton damask. In fact, I’m looking for a third chair to put in the guest bath. I have some law bookcases that will fit right under the window and a ton of bath products there, an Oriental rug in reds and navy and a great threadbare red chair done in Fortuny velvet. Not practical but it looks GREAT. The towels will be navy, not my favorite color, but I cannot find the right kind of red, which would really look great. I’ll find some of the right red for ribbon trim for the towels or maybe even some Fortuny velvet and make bias strips to decorate them. Something. That room also has to have some drapes and the lace sheers under them. Lucky for me I have miles of lace sheers. I might find some striped silk with gold and red or gold and navy for that room and make it a little more masculine. God knows that the rest of the house is pretty feminine….in a tasteful way!

SO I’m on the lookout for a decent wing chair in any color but not falling apart. (I’ll put out and APB with all of my friends)  An older one, which is made better, IMO. I have antimacassars for both,since all upholstery will manage to get stained if you sit in them every night. Just sayin’ that there is no escaping the human condition.

Then I have the East lake dining room chairs to do….the last of the summer project. I have an aubergine and chocolate paisley fabric that is HUGE and sounds ugly but it is pretty in that pink room with all the dark wood…and the fabric is almost a 1970 kind of scale. All I have to do is get the upholstery shop to cut and bevel new foam, tear off the original horsehair and then go to  town with my super duper upholstery stapler, which is like SUPERMAN powerful! The fabric has a swirly paisley figure I can center on the front and the back (a simple process of just folding the fabric) and arms that can take the leftover fabric. Of the six chairs (and these are museum quality East lake chairs…the people I bought them from though they were junk), only two have any kind of tricky fitting which can be taken care of by careful cutting and clever covering by some pricy gimp. Since I got the chairs for about nothing and the fabric for even less (50 yards for $100 because it was sort of ugly really ugly), I can splurge on the gimp, staple it around the raw edges and VOILA!

I still have curtains for the kitchen and the guest room….and Ben’s room. I think I’m going to go with a blue denim in his room, with blue denim realaxed shades and then a pull down shade in a stripe with that aluminum thinsulate. His room gets the most sun, therefore the most heat of all the rooms here. I need to put a screen door there, too so he can open his wooden door and keep the bugs out.

And the finally, I’ll get the master bath done, too. I need a rug in there and maybe a chair and some kind of crazy organzy ribboned sheers so I can have glass shelves for my orchids.

Light but not too much, Maybe line them with some kind of soft tulle so they have a little body but not starchy like. Not too stiff. When I had the windows all priced out, the bathroom was a THOUSAND DOLLARS. THe whole rest of the house was THIRTEEN THOUSAND. I think I can do it for about 1500 and that is using every bit of my inginuity and all of my own work.

After this is all done, I have four more chairs to recover and the guest room to do, as well as the veranda. I want all wooden furniture out there AND my jacuzzi, which I have missed more than I can tell.

So, there are my summer-fall projects. I want to get it all done in time for the spring Garden Tour.


2 thoughts on “New curtains…every thing is purchased and measured…cover chairs, bedspreads….and dining room chairs

  1. Just getting up is a “feat” for me. I am glad you have a PROJECT that keeps you busier than you need but……IT’S NO WONDER WHY you get these migraines………just THIS post would give me one if I was prone to dealing with projects. I used to be a a type A person………now I am not even a type B person because I am retired. I have 3 plans everyday…….1 to do regular chores for the house 2 do something for me 3 continue on long range goals list……….30 mins each day and THAT’S it! If I want to go longer so be it……..but timer is set so that I don’t miss out on “life” too.
    My personal motto now that I am retired: “LESS IS BEST FOR ME!”
    Take care of YOU Chloe

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