Went to the coast and had four great no headache days

I almost forgot what it was like to visit with friends, cook, knit in the sunshine, sit on the boat and in general, feel like a human being. Took my abortives and felt like a person.

Then on the way home….Kettleman, in fact, I got the fish knife and an evil troll trying to saw off the little wooden handle with an very dull saw. Mike dropped me off at the hospital here in town and I cannot say enough good things about the care I got. Within 13 minutes, I was in with oxygen (they have my casework) and then a doctor I’ve seen before (He looks like Steven Tyler) zipped in, ordered my drugs.We had a short discussion of IM over IV–all of  my IM sites looks like a bad very large side of beef. There is only so much sticking that can be done before I start to abscess, which is so very unattractive. Not only am I totally black and blue, but I have little abscesses started and they are truly unattractive.

So we decided on an IV…I have only one good vein and the nurse had such a delicate touch, there wasn’t even that little owie. Could have been that my head was a bigger owie than the IV, but it didn’t hurt. I watched then jam in all my nine drugs and Lord have mercy, when the last one hit my brain, I felt like it was the second coming!

So this morning, I had plans to get a gazillion things done, since I felt so good last night.

Well, I sort of had a bigger list that I had brains for. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow. That’s the ticket. Mike is coming in a little bit to get me shot up and then we have to go to Visalia to take Ben to see some new doctor. Hope it works out. He has been so teeter totter as far as his emotions go later. He is either mad or crying. Of course, if my life were his life, I’d been the same way. It must be hard to be so ill and so smart and see the world pass you by.

Making the bed, getting dressed and then waiting for some shots. Nine of them. Can you believe it? And I’m HAPPY about it! This is the week we go to the neuro in Fresno to get steroids shot up into my skull (doesn’t hurt, just sounds funny) and the workup for the taser to be inserted into my occipital nerve. It is supposed to interrupt the pain receptors. The shots will give me about 90 days of relief. The Taser is supposed to stop it forever.

I’ve had a couple of “forever” trials before and while they were miserable, they didn’t last forever. They didn’t even last for a little bit and were uncomfortable for the two weeks they fiddle faddled around, getting them in me. Altogether, not a lot of fun. I had a picc line, (look it up on YOUTUBE. HIDEOUS! )which terrified me and then when they take it out? They just yank it out! Foosh! Rip out about 40 feet of aquarium tubing right out of your heart. Not the way I would run a hospital, let me tell you. I would be MUCH MORE tender with people who are scared to death. I would at least knock them out for a second or two, instead of scaring them to death.

So it is shots in my skull and a Taser that is next..the biggest one that will fit, because GOD knows, I have plenty of room in there. My head must be all but empty.


One thought on “Went to the coast and had four great no headache days

  1. Have you had the taser before or is that a new thing? I have read about it, but it has never been offered to me. Read about Botox too – but doc says that works better for cluster than migraine. Have you ever considered that?
    Hope the occipital shot really helps this time and for a long time.
    I am still praying for the menopause since that seems to be the only think that will offer any hope of a cure at the moment.
    Look after yourself – don’t get too keen on having nine shots at a time!
    Keep us posted.

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