Yippee McSkippee for me today!

Made the bed, have laundry going. Kitchen clean. Washing all the crystal and putting it back in the china cabinets. Dogs out. Veranda swept. I think I will dust and the do the floors. I wonder how on TV wood floors are always spotless? And the bedrooms always look great? It takes a  lot of repetitive WORK to get the same level of tidiness at my house and I’m the only one home all day long.

I’m starting some socks today. I haven’t done socks in, oh…maybe 20 years. I used to be so fearless about jumping into a project and just doing it. Of course I was doing it for my own personal children and they weren’t big complainers.  I have all the stuff I made in a trunk and it amazes even me that I could DO that! So I’m starting some socks–no pattern, really. It’s just a sock. It’s a nice bright smooshy sunset color, which is better than that black watch cap I spent hours trying to make. My eyes are too old for black yarn and life is too short for black, anyway. Plus, it would sit on the arms of chairs and stare at me, sulkily. Like a teenager. Really, I didn’t need that in my life. So I unraveled it and put it out on the recycle box. Someone will use it.

My husband is so patient with me and my head. Never gets mad that things don’t get done. Comes home in the middle of the morning to check on me. He used to call and I would lie “Oh, my head is FINE! I’m great!” because even with insurance, it is expensive to go in for shots, plus I have to have a driver and because I’m a walk-in, I never know if it is going to be an hour and 13 minutes. I’ve past the point of even having the keys in my hand, since they will take them away from me. Mike will drop me off and then come back and get me. He works in the old part of town, so he is just a few blocks away. We were out the other day and shoot! Whole new tracts of homes have gone up! Stripmalls! It’s like a whole ‘nother town that exists I’ve never seen. No reason to be there and there is nothing I need there, so thats that with that. I spend most of my time in a five block area, which is plenty full of stuff for me.

We do have a quilt store and a Micheal’s but they don’t always carry what it is I’m looking for, so I order online or go to Fresno to see the stuff with my own eyes.

Working on some curtains today…another no pattern thing. They are for sunrise windows, so I’m interlining them with some thin batting and some reflective thinsulate and then lining them. Maybe it’s overkill but when the sun comes up here, it comes UP like an eighteen year old. I’m putting a round valance with pleats on the top. I think. It might be overkill.

I’m picking apart my bedspread this weekend. It is entirely too poofy. Another no pattern plan. Scalloped edges. Thin batting and then have the whole thing machine quilted. That poofiness was fine in the store but in real life, it is a little creepy. I have the poofy pillow shams with the extra fat pillows that I left the plastic on, so no one will sleep with them. My family just cannot GET that decorative pillows are for looking at, not slobbering on. They aren’t for the dogs, either. And the bedspread is not a cover. It gets folded down, taken off so it will stay clean. I have COVERS on the bed for being warm. How do you think people have nice things? By using them? Ha!  That is why all good baby blankets looks so trashed.




One thought on “Yippee McSkippee for me today!

  1. Now 65……..and when I turned 60 I realized all those things I “saved” because they were too nice etc. just sit stuffed in a closet unnoticed, unused, unloved. Now I love whatever I have and I use it. I have 2 sets of fine china…….one mine, one my MIL’s……..they will be “moving out” very soon to make way for all my crockpots and appliances I DO USE. I still have trouble looking at all the Waterford crystal in the china hutch and thinking of donating it. Something about crystal and glassware that makes me keep them.

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