I know! Let’s knock out some walls!


This internet lockdown is most amusing to me, if not to anyone else. I actually have stuff to talk about.

I totally tore up my sewing room, which is going to be my scrapbook room for reals. I can sew on the dining room table, where there are acres of space. I dug thru all of my how-to books and found the absolute BEST window treatment book The complete photo guide to window treatments Do it yourself draperies, curtains, valances, swags and shades.

I found one I really liked only I don’t have a bay window. (Two houses ago, I think I had five bay windows and the contractor asked me if maybe I didn’t TOO many bay windows. Some people would have reconsidered but not me. Bay window city! Window seats! Flip tops so the kids could hide!) This particular book has beautiful elegant window treatments with detailed sewing instructions….not for a novice. And every single photo is of a beautifully clean home. No dog hair. No lounging cats. No lone sneaker with a ratty sock tossed on the arm of a chair. One photo is of a landing with furniture in it. Now really, I ask you, how stupid is THAT? I don’t want anything on my landings except empty space, nothing to trip on and no animals lin the way and underfoot. Which is the whole reason we have pets. For them to be underfoot. (Which reminds me, I have to sweep and vac my staircase tomorrow. It is so hot that everyone is shedding.)

So I have relatively narrow (36 inches wide) and high (68 inches high) windows in this house because it used to be a whorehouse and each room had one window…to air out all that testosterone, I guess.  When we renovated, we stripped all of the woodwork and the faux finished it twice. The first time, it came out entirely too red. So we stripped it again, put a hideous mauve base coat on, the sort of a dirt colored grain (the graining was all done by hand. With a little brush and a rubber mallet rocker. All I can say is there is sure a lot of wood in this house), then sort of a navy grain, then a wet dog grain and then a really coal black grain. It looks great but there were hours when I was graining with that wet dog color and a goose feather when I thought I had lost my mind.

So now, 18 months after moving in, it is time to get the curtains done. I’ve totally changed my mind about what I’m doing. Part of it is I don’t want to cover up ANY of the graining or decorative woodcarving, so everything has to fit inside the casing, which is about six inches deep.

I’ve been buying fabrics off eBay…which has really been a lot of fun. The sellers, once I tell them the whole story about the hotel will look for something special even if it only enough to put in an insert on a bolster pillow. I managed a fabric store when I was in college and when you handle so many colors and prints all day long, it really opens your eyes up to the possibilities. And I’m lucky that I really can sew, so I can add ruching, piping, matching trim…all those bespoke details that make things look so much more elegant than anything I could afford, even if I could find it. I even found a whole box of tiny prisms that I’m going to use to trim out my kitchen curtains. Don’t have the fabric yet or even a real idea of what it’s going to look like except that it will have flashing rainbow trim! Here is another fabric site that will make you salivate.

If I can manage to get over the headaches, I will be myself again….and before the headaches threw this hugely expensive stick in my spokes, I really enjoyed my life. I will again….and this is with just one good day. Imagine what I can do with weeks of good days!

I think the only really big project we have yet to do is to put another coat of elastic merit on the patio (that stuff is EXPENSIVE!  $198 for five gallons but it works like a charm. It is waterproof and gives with the expansion of the wooden deck. And it looks nice with just being hosed down). Then I think we are going to use real brick that we cut into thirds, so it is just a thin veneer but still looks like it goes with the rest of the building. I already have two birdcages—one with doves and I think the other one will have finches. Or I’ll fix them so the doves will have both cages to use. I love the sound of doves.  Mike will be able to have half of the veranda to work on his projects and I’ll have the other half for hanging out with friends. We have the misters bought and just have to put them up, along with the teeny Christmas lights. It is so hot here that even with misters, the water evaporates before it messes up your hair. And if I’m having company, I can hose down my brick and drop the temp down even more.

I bought some canvas chairs (a very wrong choice. Wrong wrong wrong). I want that memsabe vinyl wicker but couldn’t afford it, so I bought these canvas chairs that are comfortable but just don’t look right. AT ALL. In the least. So I’ll work on the container garden … and plant my favorite climber, a yellow “Mermaid” rose that has wicked thorns to keep anyone from hopping from the roof next door onto my veranda. I couldn’t do it now but I bet I could have ten years ago. The veranda is the perfect size to hose my big area rugs out on. If I use unscented tide with a miracle grow attachment (the soap goes into the attachment and the water mixes it), It dries for a couple of days and then I do it again, with inexpensive hair conditioner and let them air dry….the rugs look so much better and the smell of the conditioner and sunshine makes the whole house spell wonderful.

Today, I was so busy, I didn’t even miss the internet…and it had been taking up a lot of my time. SUCH a wonderful feeling to accomplish many somethings today, I can’t tell you how great I feel. Once the house is clean and my curtains are up, I’m going to start a home party business…right now, Stampin’ Up is in the lead, with Tastefully Simple in a very close second…I wonder if I could handle both? I managed to get two graduate degrees before Ben was in kindergarten, so I’m betting I can. It would be just so much fun to have a creative outlet for myself. Now, if there were a real fabric store here in town, I’d be on that like a duck on a bug but we only have a chain craft store and a struggling quilt shop. If the economy was better, I know that quilt shop would be making money like a cartel but when the choice is groceries and fabric for fun, groceries always win.

It’s late and morning comes early every single day. I’m hoping I have NO HEADACHE and get my bedroom dusted, rearranged and vacuumed AND my sewing room put together. I love the idea of have an actual room where I can be working on a big project and then just shut the door if I need to. Tomorrow, it is crystal washing morning, floors and bed linens. I wash them early in the morning and then hang them out on my laundry line on the veranda. My number one project is to get the guest suite ready for guests because nothing puts a damper on having visitors like having a messy guest room.  I have to hose off the area rug because it smells like eau d’ wet dog.

I had forgotten how much joy the day manages to fill itself with without a headache.

One thought on “I know! Let’s knock out some walls!

  1. I am so glad you are experiencing joy and feeling that you are accomplishing all that you want.
    Retirement is wonderful! Each of us can do as much or as little as we choose to do and that’s GREAT!

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